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7th grade science

abiotic non-living parts of an ecosystem
adaptation an inherited trait that increases an organism chance of survival and reproduction in a certain environment.
arable land fertile land that can be plowed to grow crops.
autotroph self feeding organism that obtains its nutrients by synthesis from the environment.
benthic zone bottom of a body of water; inhabited by decomposers, insect larvae, and clams.
biodiversity term used to indicate the number and diversity of species on earth.
biomass organic matter in plants or plant products.
biomes regions that have distinctive climates and organism and that contain many separate but similar ecosystems.
Quarter Moon's Position Moon is at right angle to the earth.
Axis' angle 23.5 degrees
Leap year = ? days 366
Rotation of Earth time 24 hrs.
Revolution of Earth time 365 1/4 days
Humidity Moisture in the air
Shortest day of year December 21st
Longest day of year June 21st
biotic potential
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