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Allied Health

The Eye

What is the eye protected by? Protected by orbital socket of skull, eyebrows, eyelashes, and eyelids.
What is the conjunctiva? Thin membrane that lines the eyelids and covers part of the eye, secretes mucous to lubricate eye.
How many coats are the eye made of? Three coats.
What is the sclera? Outter layer, white of the eye, tough coating, helps maintain shape of eye and protects what's inside.
What are the muscles moving the eye? Extrinsic muscles: attached to the sclera.
What is the cornea? Front of sclera-clear part(no blood vessels), transparent so light rays can pass through, gets 02 and nutrients through lymph
What is the choroid coat? Middle layer, contains blood vessels, opening in front is the pupil, colored, muscular layer surrounding pupil is IRIS
What are intrinsic muscles? Change size of the iris to control amount of light entering through the pupil.
What is the lens? Crystalline structure located behind iris and pupil, elastic, disc-shaped, biconvex; situated between the anterior and posterior chambers.
What is accommodation? Change in the shape of the lens to allow for near and distant vision.
What is the anterior chamber? Filled with aqueous humor, a watery fluid.
What is the posterior chamber? Filled with transparent, jellylike substance-viterous humor.
What is the retina? Innermost layer, light rays focus an image on the retina, the image travels to the cerebral cortex via the optic nerve, if the light rays dont focus properly on the retina, correective leans can beind the light rays as required.
What are rods? Sensitive to dim light, if these dont work you wont be able to see at night
What are cones? Sensitive to bright light and color. If these dont work you will have color blindness.
What are optic disc? On the retina, known as the lind spot-nerve fibers gather here to form the optic nerve, no rods or cones.
Created by: Netta16