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plant classification

Vascular- -plants with tube-like structures that transport water and nutrients.
Nonvascular- -plants that lack structures that transport water and nutrients.
Some info on Non vascular plants... -Grow in moist places and absorb water and nutrients through leaves.
Is a moss vascular of non vascular? -It is a non vascular plant.
How and where do mosses grow? -Grow in groups and spread out over large areas.
Mosses don't have _____. - They don't have true roots.
Helpful things about mosses are... -They prevent erosion, and are used for medicine, cooking, and heating.
How thick are mosses leaves? -1 cell thick leaves.
Is a liverwort Vascular or non vascular? -It is Non vascular.
How are liverworts different than Mosses? -Liverworts have a different arrangement of leaves than mosses.
What plant's leaf resembles a liver? -A liverwort.
Vascular plants have what? -They have Vascular systems that strengthen and support the plant and transport water and nutrients.
What are the two types of Vascular plants? -The two types are seedless and seed-bearing.
What are Horsetails? -They are Vascular plants.
What kind of Vascular plant is a Horsetail? -It is a seedless vascular plant.
Horsetails have underground _____ called _____. -They have underground stems called Rhizomes.
Some Horsetails have what? -Needle-like branches that grow in a circle around each joint on the rhizome.
Horsetails produce their own ____ in what? -They produce their own food in stems and branches; not in the leaves.
Is a club moss vascular or nonvascular? -They are Vascular.
What kind of vascular plant is Club moss? -Seedless Vascular plants.
What are club mosses nickname? -It is Ground Pines.
Ferns are Vascular or non vascular? -They are Vascular plants.
Ferns are what kind of vascular plant? -Seedless vascular plants.
Most Ferns need what? -Most need moisture.
Ferns grow from what? -They grow from rhizomes.
Frond- -A leafy branch.
Fiddle-head- -Coiled up frond that is just beginning to grow.
Gymnosperm- -Does not have flowers and usually produces its seed inside a cone with only a seed coat for a protective coating.
Is a Gymnosperm a Vascualar or nonvascular plant? -It is a Vascular plant.
What type of vascular plant is a gymnosperm? -A seed bearing vascular plant.
What are the 4 types of gymnosperms? -Cycads,Ginkoes, Gnetophytes,Conifer.
What is a cycad? -A seed bearing vascular plant that is a type of gymnosperm.
Cycads are often mistaken for what? -They are mistaken for palm trees.
Cycads produce pollen in what? -They produce pollen in a cone.
Cycads trunks can be what? -Their trunks can be above or below the ground.
Ginkoes have what kind of leaves? -They have flat, fan-shaped leaves that turn yellow before it falls off in autumn.
What can Ginkoes tolerate? -They can tolerate air pollution.
Ginkoes are also very resistant to what? -They are very resistant to pest and disease.
Ginkoes leaves are used for ____ and ____. -They are used for medicine and teas.
Where can Gnetophytes be found? -They can be found in the desert.
Gnetophytes cones resemble what? -The cones resemble a flower.
What kind of leaves do conifers have? -They have needle-like or scale-like leaves.
Most conifers do what? -Most of them are evergreen that grow their food year around.
Conifers can live in what kind of climate? -They can live in cold climates.
There are 3 families of conifers... -Pine trees, furs, and Spruces.
Angiosperms- -Have flowers and protects seeds inside a fruit.
Angiosperms usually have what? -They usually have wide,flat leaves.
3 types of angiosperms are... -Annuals, Biannuals, and Perennials.
Annuals- -Lives only one growing season(flower,produce seeds, then die)
Biannuals- -Needs two growing seasons to fully develop (first season it produces leaves, second season it flowers-produces seeds-die.)
Perennials- -Lives 3 or more seasons (produces seeds year after year)
Angiosperms are used for.... -Food, coffie, cocoa, softdrinks, medicines, rubber, cork, rope, and chewing gum.
Angiosperms are classified by what? -They are classified by seed structure.
Cotyledons- -Tiny seed leaves that store food for the seed.
Cotyledons are classified into 2 parts which are... -Dicotyledons, and monocotyledons.
Dicotyledon-"Dicot"- -2 cotyledons.
Dicots vascular bundle is arranged in a _____. - It is arranged in a circular pattern.
Dicots have what? -Woody stems, and Broad flat leaves.
Tap root- -One thick, long root that grows straight down into the soil.
What kind of root does a dicot have? -A tap root.
Dicot's stems do what? -They grow thicker each year.
Dicot's flowers have __-__ petals or multiples of __-___. -They have 4-5 petals or multiples of 4-5.
Monocotyledon-"monocot"- -1 cotyledon.
Monocots do not do what? -There stems don't grow thicker each year.
Monocots have what kind of leaves with what kind of veins? -They have long narrow leaves and parallel veins.
Moncots are mostly what? -They are mostly grass.
Monocots have what kind of roots? -Many tiny roots.
Monocots flowers have __ petals or multiples of __. -They have 3 petals or multiples of 3.
Monocots vascular bundle is what? -Their vascular bundle is scattered.