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Is the disease viral, bacterial, fungal, worm or protozoan? Bacterial
What is the genus species name of the causative agent? Clostridium botulinum
How is it transmitted? How does a person get the infection? eating canned or preserved foods, but can also occur as an infection; usually from home-stored foods
What are the general signs and symptoms of an infected person? What body systems/organs are involved? neuromuscular symptoms 1st affect head muscles causing double vision, difficulty swallowing & dizziness, but no sensory or mental lapse; later symptoms: descending muscular paralysis, & respiratory compromise
Are there any toxins or factors that increase the virulence of the pathogen? infant botulism, wound botulism
How is the agent commonly identified? How is confirmation of agent made? testing food samples, intestinal contents & feces for evidence of toxin or c. botulinum
How does each bacterial pathogen stain for gram, endospore, capsule, acid fast? What shape does each bacteria have? spore-forming anaerobe; gram-positive; bacilli; produces exotoxins
Which viruses are DNA or RNA viruses? Which are enveloped or non-enveloped? n/a
Are there any special (classic) signs or symptoms that characterize the disease/infection? "food-poisoning'
Is there a treatment or cure available? What are the most common antibiotics given? A,B,&E trivalent horse antitoxins; respiratory & cardiac support systems; infectious bot. treated with penicillin
Is there a vaccine available? yes, against A,B,C,D,E toxins, but only for labworkers
How can transmission be prevented? educating public about proper methods of preserving & handling canned foods, test pressure cookers for accuracy; addition of preservatives (sodium nitrite, salt, vinegar)
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