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Heat and Tempurature

What are the 3 scientific principles of energy distribution? Conduction, Convection, Radiation
How does conduction work? It spreads heat with contact of one object/substance to the other.
How does convection work? It spreads heat with cycles of warm air/fluid rising and the cool air/fluid falling.
How does radiation work? It is distributing heat with no contact, but through empty space.
How is temputaure measured? With degrees.
What is the relative temp of freezing water? 0 C
What is the relative temp of boiling water? 100 C
What is the relative temp of the human body? 37 C
What is the relative temp of room temp? 20 C
What is thermocouple? When 2 twisted wire that are made of different metals are heated, it create an electric charge. It can be used to turn on a switch or valve.
What is a bimetallic strip? When 2 different metals are joined firmly together to make a strip. When heated, one expands more than the other, forcing the strip to coil tightly.
What is a recording thermometer? When a bimetallic strip is attached to a very light arm with a pen attached to the end. When the strip moves (temperature change) it is recorded because the movement of the strip makes the arm moves and the movement is recorded with the pen
What is an infrared thermogram? Anything above absolute zero degrees has infrared radiation that can be photographed with a special camera. The different colours and brightness indicates different temperatures.
What are 4 key points in the particle model of matter? -All matter had tiny particles to small to be seen -The particles are always in motion -The particles have spaces between them -When you increase the temperature, you increase the motion of the particles.
Does gas have volume? Can it be easily compressed. Gas has no definite volume and it can easily compressed.
What does thermal energy mean? The energy generated by the movement or vibration of particles
What does heat mean? Thermal energy transferred from 1 object to another because of temperature difference
What is temperature? A relative measure of how hot or cld something is, measured on a scale.
What does it mean to expand? to increase volume in a substance
What does it mean to contract? To decrease the volume in a substance.
Why are 2 metals used to make a thermocouple or a bimetallic strip? If they were the same, they wouldn't make the electric charge and the bimetallic strip wouldn't coil because both metals would expand at the same time.
What state change is in melting? Solid to Liquid
What state change is in freezing? Liquid to Solid
What state change is in evaporation? Liquid to Gas
What state change is in condensation? Liquid to Gas
What state change is in sublimation? Solid to Gas Gas to Solid
What are the 5 characteristics that are involved with energy transfer systems. -Energy source -Direction of energy transfer -transformations -waste heat -control sustem
What enviro impact does chemical energy have? POLUTION
What enviro impact does electrical energy energy have? HABITAT LOSS OF WILDLIFE, PLANTS DIEING AND POLLUTION
What enviro impact does mechanical energy have? POLLUTION!
What enviro impact does nuclear energy have? POLLUTION
What enviro impact does geothermal energy have? OIL SPILLS AND POLLUTION
What enviro impact does tidal energy have? Negative impact on aquatic ecosystems and radiation poisoning risk.
What enviro impact does wind energy have? NONE
What impact does solar energy have? NONE
What is thermal pollution and what causes it? Thermal pollution is the warming of the environment that is a result of human activity such as burning fossil fuels.
What does cogeneration mean? A method of energy conservation by which waste heat or energy from 1 industry is used by another industry.
How does a programmable thermostat work? They can be set to lower temperature of the home at night or when the home owners are away
What is an ENERGUIDE label and what does it tell the consumer? A label on electrical appliances and it tells the consumer how much KWH an appliance uses in one year under normal use.
Created by: monkey pen