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process of observation and analysis used to develop a reliable, consistent, and objective representation & understanding of our world scientific method
visible light into its component colors spectroscope
colors as a function of some property of a solution, solid, or gas spectrophotometer
observation,organization, experimental, inference, prediction scientific experimentation
observing and describing, formulating hypotheses, making predictions based on the hypotheses and testing those predictions, and deriving conclusions scientific method
teachers encourage students to study, conduct research, collect and analyze data, and then develop generalizations and rules based on their findings inductive reasoning
causes the seasons the tilt ad revolution
the northern hemisphere experiences ------ when it is tilted towards the sun summer
when the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun it experiences winter
Earth is not tilted away or toward the earth in the fall and spring
the study of the structure and composition of the earth geology
the 3 layers of earth core, mantle, crust
moving section of earth plates
cracks in the crust which result in movement faults
this occurs when plates slide past one another quickly earthquakes
molten rock beneath the earths crust magma
molten rock on the earths surface lava
creation of new oceanic crust seafloor spreading
everything that has mass and volume matter
the amount of matter in an object mass
amount of space an object occupies volume
ratio of mass to volume density
this affects the size, form, or appearance of a material physical change
alter the molecular structure of matter chemical change
when compounds break apart and recombine chemical reaction
study of living things biology
the basic structural unit of living things cell
smaller cell structures surrounded by cell fluid, or cytoplasm organelles
sunlight energy is made when plant cells convert it to chemical energy photosynthesis
absence of oxygen fermentation
growing new plants from cutting fragmentation
water is absorbed by a seed germination
evaporation of water from a plant transpiration
controls movement of the skeleton and movement within organs muscular system
has 2 division, voluntary and involuntary nervous system
eliminates waste from the body excretory system
to make food, plants take in carbon dioxide from the air, the waste the plants give off is oxygen, when animals breathe in oxygen to digest food, they give off carbon dioxide carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle
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