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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 32

ERGON work (G)
DURUS hard to the touch, strong, difficult (L)
BELLUM war, combat, fight (L)
BARBAROS foreign (G)
ORTHOS straight; correct (G)
DOKEIN think, have an opinion, supposed (G)
labor work, toil, exertion of the faculties of body or mind
laboratory place equipped to conduct scientific experiments or tests or to make chemicals, medicines, etc.
collaborate to work together on a project
labor of love task performed for love of the work or of a person
energy the capacity for being active or doing work; usable power
ergonomics applied science concerned with designing and arranging things according to the needs of a worker or user
allergy exaggerated reaction to substances, situations, or foods that don't affect the average person
surgery physician who performs manual operations on the body
endure undergo difficulty or hardship
durable lasting; resistant to wear or decay
during throughout the existence or continuation of
durum kind of wheat with hard grain used in making pasta
belligerent warlike; hostile in intention
bellicose full of fight; combative
antebellum before the war; when capitalized means before the Civil War
barbarian person regarded as uncivilized, savage, or primitive
Barbara popular name for girls
rhubarb Asian plant with medicinal uses
orthodox straight thinking or accepted option
orthodontist one who straightens crooked teeth
orthotics device for correcting or supporting foot abnormalities
doxology a hymn containing words praising God
paradox seemingly contradictory or absurd statement that contains a possible truth
dogma authoritative system of principles or tenants, as of a church
dogmatic asserting opinions in a dictatorial manner; opinionated
Created by: LiseBrinkley