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Reproductive Issues

If a 17 year old female is having severe dysmenorrhea what should the MD prescribe? Combined oral contraceptives (COC)
What foods should a woman with PMS avoid? chocolate, caffeine and red meat
A copper IUD can be left in for how long? 10 years
A patient that has a DVT should have what kind of birth control? progesterone only
If a woman has osteopenia what should she take? calcium supplements
if a woman has genital warts what exam should she have frequently? pap smears
female condoms are unacceptable to some women because of what? too noisy
The RN should assess which patient first? Suspected Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)
The LPN should assess patient with? BP 144/82, R 20, P 88, T 97.4
Woman should never do what..unless told to by MD? douche
a man who had a vasectomy should return when for follow-up? after at least 6 ejaculations and 4 weeks
BSE's should be done when? 1 week after menses
woman should have mammograms when? every 1-2 years ages 40-49 and every year after age 50
what are symptoms of menopause? hot flashes, dry vagina, sweating, sleep disturbances and atrophic changes
what is the cure for endometroisis? there isn't one, it's a chronic condition
A young male with gonorrhea come into the clinic, what is the priority interveniton? importance of wearing condoms
what are symptoms of bacterial vaginosis thin, gray watery discharge with fishy smell
a patient with a yeast infection will have what symptoms thick white curdy discharge with itching
if a patient has frequent yeast infections MD should order what? blood sugars
what can cause infertility? PID
a patient who had TAH-BSO should no longer have what? cramps because her hormones are lost
a woman with a fibroid tumor will have what symptoms bleeding abdominal fullness and pain
if your patient is taking Fosamax what does RN need to enforce that patient sit up for 30 minutes after dosing
if patient is allergic to penicillin, what should they take instead? tetracycline
POCS can cause what symptoms is woman? obesity and facial hair
if patient comes in with herpes, what drug will MD order? acyclovir
how long must a sponge or diaphragm be in place after sex? 6 hours
if a woman loses weight or has baby what needs to happen to diaphragm? needs to be refitted
who shows you how to insert diaphgram? MD
a patient comes in with thin purulent discharge and no other symptoms, what might she have? chlamydia
Flagyl is given to which patients? vaginosis and trich
chlymidia patients should be prescribed what? doxycycline or azrithomycin
what are symptoms of gonorrhea? purulent green discharge
what should a patient with gonorrhea take? antibiotics
herpes is treated with what type of medication? antiviral
syphilis is treated with what? penicillin or tetracycline
HPV is linked to what cancer? cervical
answers 1-5 b,b,c,b,c
Created by: bkgrota