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eoc2 review

dramatically widespread exchange of animals, plants, culture, human populations (including slaves), communicable disease, and ideas between the Western and Eastern Hemispheres Columbian Exchange
scientific theory that describes the large-scale motions of Earth's lithosphere Plate Tectonic Theory
The spread of heat through the movement of a liquid substance, as hotter liquid rises to the top and cooler liquid sinks to the bottom Convection
a zone of volcanoes and earthquakes around the Pacific. Ring of Fire
The wearing down of rocks at the Earth's surface by the actions of wind, water, ice, and living organisms. Weathering
The process by which rock, sand, and soil are broken down and carried away. Erosion
All the earth's land Lithosphere
all the earth's air Atmosphere
all the earth's water hydrosphere
all the earth's living organisms. biosphere
elevation, latitude, wind systems and ocean currents, mountain barriers influences. 5 factors that effect climate
the spread of ideas from one culture to another. cultural diffusion
growing just enough food to feed immediate family. subsistance agriculture
large scale farming commercial agriculture
sell of goods where everything is made by hand. cottage industry
The coming together, in recent decades, of all parts of the world into a single global economy. globalization
when a company hires other companies to perform some of it jobs outsourcing
a region formed when several countries join together and agree to eliminate tariffs. free trade zone
films, television programs, pop music and art, jeans and casual clothing styles, them parks, novels and magazines, fast foods, and american-based computer websites are spreading to other continents american pop culture
evaperation, condensation, precipitation. Water cycle
regular rise and fall of the ocean caused by gravitational pull of the moon. Tides
distinct geographic regions with their own particular types of plant and animal life. Biomes
trees change colors, and have broad leafs. Deceiduous
needle leaf tree, that stays green year round. Coniferus
resources such as trees that can renew themselves after a period of time. Renewable resources
Resources such as oil, and water that once they are gone can never be replaced. Non Renewable resources
Prevents heat from escaping into space, and leads to rising temperature on Earth. Greenhouse effect
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