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Latin IV Test Review

What are the metae? turning posts
What are the carceres? starting gates
What letters go in front of the personal endings of words that happened in the past? ba
Translate the sentence: Lucius in cubiculo dormiebat. Lucius was sleeping in the bedroom.
Hodie or Heri: clamabatis in Circo, Luci et Publi Heri
Hodie or Heri: Publius et Lucius aurigam spectant. Hodie
Translate: Ad Circum ambulabant. They were walking to the circus.
What is the direct object in the sentence:Discupli fabulam scribunt. fabulam
What is the subject in the sentence: Discupli fabulam scribunt. discipuli
What is the verb in the sentence: Discupli fabulam scribunt. scribunt
Translate the sentence: Discupli fabulam scribunt. The students write a story.
What was at the Baths? (6) There was a gym, gardens, a swimming pool, restaurants, libraries, and open wrestling grounds.
What did people do at the Baths? (6) They talked, exercised, planned business deals, arranged dinner parties, played sports, and relaxed.
What were Roman students taught in school? arithmetic, writing, and reading.
When did school begin for Romans? Began in March
What time did school start and end? It started shortly after daybreak and lasted six hours.
What did Roman students write on? wax tablets (cerae)
What did the Roman students write with? pencil (stilus)
How were books written? by hand
What was paper made of? papyrus
What did Roman children use to learn and practice basic arithmetic? abacus
What was the story about with Rufus the charioteer? Rufus was a charioteer who fell of his chariot and had to get checked out by a doctor. He was fine.
What was the story about with Claudia and the rings? Claudia was getting married to she went to Quintus, the ringmaker, to buy a wedding ring. However she was very picky. For one ring she said it was too small and for another ring it wasn't pretty. She finally found a ruby ring that was big and beautiful.
Created by: CMSValeria