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lesson 10 vocab

anonymous 1.with no name known; unknown 2.given or written by someone whose name is not provided
anxiety a feeling of worry, uneasy concern or fear
beneficial helpful;providing a benefit
bounteous 1.given freely; generous 2.plentiful; more than enough
dishearten to cause to lose spirit or hope; to discourage
enthusiast a person with a strong liking for or interest in something; a devoted supporter
individuality qualities that make one person or thing different from others
leeway 1.more money,time,etc., than is known to be needed 2.room for freedom of action
liberate to set free
receptacle something that receives and contains something else
relic a thing or part that remains from the past
replenish to fill or supply again
scrawny unusually thin; bony
taunt 1.an insulting remark; a gesture or statement that makes fun of someone or something 2.to make fun of in an insulting way
unattainable unable to be reached or achieved
Created by: fvazquez841