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Lesson 22 ATC P2


da2 to reach (a place or a figure such as a price or quantity)
差距 cha1ju4 the difference (in distance; amount; progress, etc); disparity; gap
拉大 la1da4 to expand; to enlarge
成立 cheng2li4 to found; to establish
妇女解放 fu4nü3jie3fang4 emancipation of women; women's liberation
zou3 to walk; to go
xiang4 to; towards
同工同酬 tong2gong1tong2chou2 equal pay for equal work
收入 shou1ru4 income; revenue
夫妻 fu1qi1 husband and wife
双方 shuang1fang1 both parties
自食其力 zi4shi2qi2li4 to support oneself by one's own labor
kao4 to depend on
养活 yang3huo2 to support; to provide for
自然 zi4ran2 naturally
选择 xuan3ze2 to choose; to select
对象 dui4xiang4 object; target (here, a partner for marriage)
zhi4 to; till; until
大多数 da4duo1shu4 great majority; at large
改革开放 gai3ge2kai1fang4 "reform and open up"
逐步 zhu2bu4 step by step; gradually
事业 shi4ye4 career; enterprise
成功 cheng2gong1 succeed; to be a success; successful
忙于 mang2yu2 to be busy with
未婚 wei4hun1 to be unmarried
zai4 re-doing; again (suffix)
qu3 to take as wife
目标 mu4biao1 objective
价值观 jia4zhi2guan1 value system
固然 gu4ran2 no doubt even though; it is true that
直接 zhi2jie1 direct
现实 xian4shi2 real; actual
知识女性 zhi1shi2nü3xing4 educated women
年长 nian2zhang3 older in age; senior
成熟 cheng2shu2 mature
学识 xue2shi2 scholarly attainments; learned wisdom
体贴 ti3tie1 to show every consideration to; thoughtful; considerate
吸引 xi1yin3 to attract
宽容度 kuan1rong2du4 degree of tolerance
促使 cu4shi3 to cause; to compel; to urge
表明 biao3ming2 to indicate
允许 yun2xu3 to permit; to allow
多元化 duo1yuan2hua4 diversified
存在 cun2zai4 to exist; existance
Created by: zhangkailin
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