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Satyricon: vocab 4

Millionares DInner Party textbook

verso versare versavi versatus turn
acer acris acre sharp
frigus frigoris cold
madidus madida madidum drunk
dilacero dilacerare dilaceravi dilaceratus to tear in pieces
bellus bella bellum charming
funus funeris burial
obeo obire obii obitus attend to
musca muscae fly
bulla bullae bubble
iuvo iuvare iuvi iutus help
os oris mouth
mica micae crumb
medicus doctor
pistor pistoris baker
conludo conludere conlusi conlusus to have a secret understanding w/
patrimonium patrimonii inheritance
misereor misereri miseritus sum to pity
pilus pili single hair
operio operire operui opertum cover
oro orare oravi oratus pray
pluit pluere pluvit rains
sermo sermonis talk
trudo trudere trusi trusum push
munus muneris gift
ideo therefore
edo esse edi esus eat
morbosus morbosa morbosum sick
gusto gustare gustavi gustatus taste
ius iuris law
destino destinare destinavi destinatus fix
artificium occupation
thesaurus treasure
fatum fate
consolatio consolationis comfort
plango plangere planxi planctus to mourn
ploro plorare ploravi ploratus lament
genus generis kind
puteus putei well
memini meminisse to remember
queror queri questus sum complain
cresco crescere cervi cretum increase
favus favi honeycomb
nugae nugarum nonsense
carus cara carum dear
frumentum corn
bucca buccae mouthful
esuritio esuritionis hunger
Created by: melissaunicorn