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ECG Note CardsECG Note Card Answers
Normal pacemaker of the heart SA node
· Located where the superior vena cava enters the right atrium SA node
SA node Fires at a rate of 60-100 bpm
Internodal tracts and Bachmann’s bundle Existence of 3 internodal tracts is debatable
Impulse travels to left atrium via Bachmann’s bundle Internodal tracts and Bachmann’s bundle
AV node is located in the inferior right atrium
AV node Delays impulse by _______seconds to give by 0.04 seconds to give ventricles a chance to fill while atria contract
AV node cannot generate an________ but ______ can AV node cannot generate an impulse but junctional tissue can
Beginning of the ventricular conduction system Bundle of His
_______Divides into right and left bundle branches Bundle of His
Bundle of His is where a Peacemaker fires at a rate of 40-60 bpm when SA node doesn’t fire or impulse doesn’t reach AV note
Extend down right and left side of interventricular septum Bundle branches
· Covers endocardial surfaces of both ventricles, spreads to myocardium and epicardium Purkinje fibers
Purkinje fibers is where a Peacemaker fires at a rate of 20-40 bpm when impulse is blocked at/above bundle branches
P wave represents the electrical conduction through both atria.
P wave Precedes_______, is ______ and ________. QRS complex; is Rounded and smooth
PR interval represents _the impulse travel time through the AV node, through the bundle of His, and to the Purkinje fibers
PR interval Measured from the start of the P to the end of the Q/r where it starts to go down.
Normal duration is - normal length for the PR interval is 0.12 to 0.20 second. Should not be longer than 0.2 seconds and this is what you need to know.
QRS complex Represents QRS complex indicates that the electrical impulse has traveled through the ventricles
QRS complex follows the PR interval
QRS complex consists of 3 waves: Q (1st – deflection), R (1st + deflection), and S (2nd – deflection)
QRS complex normal duration is 0.06 to 0.10 second
Represents the end of ventricular depolarization and the beginning of ventricular repolarization ST segment
ST segment follows QRS, from end of S wave to beginning of T wave
T wave Represents Ventricular repolarization recovery
T wave flows what? Follows the ST segment
What wave is slightly rounded and smooth? T wave
QT interval represents ___? Represent ventricular depolarization - repolarization of ventricle cycle
QT interval is measured from _________. Start of Q to end of T
QT interval duration is normal QT interval is 0.12 to 0.42 seconds
How do you figure the rate? 1500/# ob boxes between two R points
Sinus Bradycardia is less than 60
Sinus Tachycardia is over 100
Normal Sinus 60-100
Created by: cgwayland