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Roman City

Vocabulary concerning the city of Rome and basic elements

The "golden house" or Emperor's residence Domus Aurea
A platform located in the Roman Forum upon which speeches were delivered. It directly faced the Senate house. Rostra
The senate house Curia
The "belly button" of Rome. The official and symbolic center of the Roman world, located in the Forum. All ditances were measured from this point. Umbilicus Urbis
This building held official Roman records. Sort of an ancient Roman office or archives building. Tabularium
Large indoor meeting places which served a variety of purposes. Sometimes these were used for political purposes, others for commercial or religious. Basilicae
A large open-air structure similar to modern arenas used primarily for spectator sports. amphitheatrum
The "sacred road" which was located in the Forum. Via Sacra
Roman apartment buildings thought of as urban "islands" and therefore shared the word. insulae
Originally, this structure was the home of the Roman Kings. After the monarchy however, it was used to hold the Pontifex Maximus, a very important Roman priest. Regia
The Latin word for Temple, of which there were many within the Forum itself. templum
Named the "golden milestone", it was probably made of gilded bronze. Located near the Umbilicus Urbis, it served as the starting point of all Roman Roads. Miliarium Aureum
The hill named after Romulus' god name where he was supposedly converted to a god. Quirinal
The hill upon which Romulus killed his brother Remus. Also the location of the Domus Aurea. Palatine
The hill closest to the legendary place where Romulus and Remus washed up on the banks of the Tiber River. Aventine
The hill located at the "head" of the Roman Forum. Capitoline
There were 2 of these "arches" located in the Roman Forum. arcus
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