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RN Respiratory

med/srg respiratory

Respiratory system influences Acid-base balance, smell, fluid balance, temperature control
Right Lung Vs. Left Lung right lung has 3 lobes, left lung has 2 lobes. 60-65% of respiratory function occurs in the right lung
Difference of light and dark skinned people darker skinned ind. usually show a lower oxygen saturation (3-5%)
Occupational Lung Disease pneumoiconiosis- results from inhalation of dust such as coal, stone or silicone. Toxic lung injury. hypersensitivity disease such as latex allergy
important in assessment determine exposure to irritants, living conditions, hobbies, leisure activities, social hx (smoking and drug use), travel
Smoking pack in years # of packs smoked per day multiplied by # of years smoked
Main sign of lung disease coughing
Sputum production check for color, amount, duration, ordor and amount. Blood is sign of lung cancer. excessive pink, frothy sputum is common with oulmonary edema
Barrel Chest A:P diameter should be 1:2 with barrel chest is 2:2
Crepitus Occurs when air is trapped in and under the skin. Feels like a crackling sensation under the fingertips such as bubble wrap
Indicators of respiratory adequacy includes clubbing, weight loss, cyanosis, unevenly developed muscles, change in skin and mucous membrane coloring, nail beds
Pulmonary function test Evaluates lung function and breathing problems. tests include lung volumes and capacities, flow rate, diffusion capacity, gas exchange, airway resistance
Throacentesis the aspiration of pleural fluid or air from the pleural space. pt will feel pressure when needle inserted. have pt lean foward and remain still
Lung Biopsy performed to obtain tissue for histologic analysis. can be done in pt room. Assess vitals and breath q4h for 24hr. pneumothorax indicated by dec breath sounds. monitor for hemoptysis- blood in sputum
Elderly increased A:P diameter. dec musculotory strenght. inc residual volume
Left vs right sided heart failure LHF: distended jugular, apnea. RHF: periferal edema
Histoplasmosis fungal disease from inhaling contaminated dust, mainly central america
Coccidiodomy Fungal and Hanta virus. southwestern, US, Mexico, Central America
Lab tests. HCO3, PaO2, PaCO2, hemoglobin, RBC, WBC HCO3- 21-28. PaO2- 80-100. PaCO2- 35-45. hemoglobin- 12-18. RBC-4-6million. WBC-5-10,000
Created by: smarti13