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Science Test/Plants

non vascular plants plants without vascular tissues
xylem vessels that carry water and dissolved substances from the roots to the other parts of the plant
Rhizoids root like structures used for anchoring not absorption
cuticle nonliving waxy covering/waterproof
palisade layer tightly packed cells filled with chloroplasts;where most photosynthesis happens
spongy layer irregularly shaped cells;loosely fitting together;allows for air to move through the leaf
vascular bundle contains the xylem and the phloem within the leaf
xylem carries the water,minerals,etc to the leaf from the roots.
Phloem carries the glucose solution to the plant for use or storage
Guard cells control the openings through which gases come/go
Stoma openings through which gases travels
annuals plants go through life cycle in one season
biennials plants that live for 2 growing season
perennials plants that live for many growing seasons
Monocot parallel venation Stem has scattered vascular bundles one cotyledon roots is fibrous flower parts in multiple of 3 palmate pinnate
Dicot Flower has multiples of 4 or 5 stem has circular pattern leaf has netted venation two cotyledon seeds
cellulose holds plant upright
gymnosperms naked seed non flowering,non fruit reproduce using cone
Angiosperms flowering fruit bearing parts develop into fruit or nuts that contain seeds
seedless non vascular mosses,liverworts,hornworts
seedless vascular plants ferns,club mosses,horsetails
Created by: Jewel282