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EOG Vocab


Historical Fiction the genre of literature, film, etc., comprising narratives that take place in the past and are characterized chiefly by an imaginative reconstruction of historical events and personages.
Lyrical Poetry Lyric poetry is a genre of poetry that expresses personal and emotional feelings
Concrete Poem a poem whose meaning is conveyed through its graphic shape or pattern on the printed page
Secondary Source next after the first in order, place, time,
Opposing fight
matter of fact to the point
convey share
observation to take a look;observe
prop support
stage directions directions for actors in a play
genre type of literacy;book
figure of speech language;similie;metaphor;personification
primarily one idea
interpretation a belief
progression progress; improvement; moving forward
invariable constant
usage being used
lousy terrible; bad
essential important
strenuous difficult; challenging
emerge appear; born
revulsion dislike
massive huge
roundabout twisting
astounded amazed
scoured to remove dirt
makeshift temporary structure
reckoned to count
irony sarcasm
prose cliched saying or idea
biography a story written about another persons life
heading topic
salutation greeting
plot events in a story
bias your opinion
legend a story about a person in the past; usually fictious
cinquain a poem
stanza a group of lines in a poem
encountered meeting
light-hearted easy going; happy
exaggerated over embellish
illustrations pictures
almanac a nonfiction text that has facts
conveys tells the meaning; story
stunning beautiful; striking
milled around something you are thinking about
desolate lonely
abyss a deep dark hole
boisterous loud
motto a saying
pleated something that folds-skirt
forage look for
metaphor comparison without using like or as
sarcasm being funny; rude
subheading a mini-topic
authors purpose the reason an author writes a story-Entertain, Inform, Explain, Persuade
bandwagon trying to get people to join your cause
idiom It is raining cats and dogs-saying
realistic fiction a story that is made up but has real facts
free verse
primary source main source
cause and effect why-what happened
facetious being
timid shy
monologue one person reads a line or story
repetition repeat
according to referring to; what someone/something says
symbolic a symbol that stands for something
elaborate tell in depth with details
striving working towards a goal
shuddered frightened; scared; shake
agony pain
procrastinating leaving to the last minute
startle scare
distort change shape
immense huge
crumpled bend
sparked ignite
vast big area
isolated being by yourself; lonely
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