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computer terms srb

text field near the top of a Web browser What is the window that displays the URL of the current webpage? An address bar
What specifically refers to a character that represents an online user? An avatar
What is the act of posting or sending offensive messages over the Internet? Flaming
Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are all... Serch engines
An online service that allows users to share updates is... Twitter
What is a Web site that allows users to add and update content on the site using their own Web browser? A wiki
What is a collection of web pages? A web site
The front page of a website is... The homepage
A device that provides input to a computer is... An input device
An e-reader developed by Amazon is... The Kindle
The main circuit board of your computer is... The motherboard
A portable device that uses a touchscreen is... A tablet
Define USB The most common type of computer port used in today's computers.
A mobile operating system developed by Google is... Android
What is short for malicious software? Malware
Define tutorial A software program designed to be used as a learning tool
What is 'AI' short for Artificial intelligence
A command that reloads the content of a web page is... Refresh
Equal to 1000 megahertz gigahertz
1 billion bytes A gigabyte
1 trillion bytes A terabyte
An illusion of reality is... Virtual reality
A cookie is... A small amount of data
Created by: lukemoo