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chp 21

what is 2/3 of Africa covered by? desert and arid steppes
Urbanization is occurring... more rapidly than any other region
what is the cornerstone for the development of complex societies? agriculture
the first great civilization of North Africa was founded by which group? Egyptians
Where does the power and wealth of the Ghana, Mali, and Songhai come from? control of the trans-Saharan trade
How was the knowledge of agriculture spread in Africa? people migrating in search of favorable lands
What kingdom did the Nubian civilization center around? Kush
Why did European nations divide Africa among themselves? to control the raw materials in the area and establish markets for manufacturing goods
What is the universal language of the region? Swahili
Why was Johannesburg, South Africa founded? gold strikes
What factor influences the territories of the ethnic groups of Africa? the regions physical geography; there are many areas which it is difficult to live- PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY
How did colonization by the Europeans lead to problems for Africa today? the Europeans were interested in profitting from the region rather than conserving it and as a result, the land has not been used effectively
the value of goods and services created within a country in a year gross domestic product
the total income of a country or region divided by the number of people; income per person per capita income
the movement of people from rural area into cities urbanization
group of people who share a common ancestry, language, customs, religion, or combination of such characteristics ethnic group
name given to the route used by slave ships across the Atlantic from West Africa to the Americas middle passage
policy of strict separation of the races adopted in South Africa in the 1940s apartheid
equal voting rights for all adult residents of a nation universal suffrage
popular culture spread by media such as radio and television mass culture
a language used for communication among people with different native languages lingua franca
legends and stories passed on by word of mouth from generation from generation oral history
household made up of several generations; for instance, aunts, uncles, and grandparents as well as parents and children extended family
tribal community or large group of people related to one another clan
the percentage of people in a given place who can read and write literacy rate
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