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PortVocab #1

Languages Portuguese

a batedeira the mixer
a bolsa the bag
a borracha rubber
a cadeira chair
a cadeira the chair
a cafeteira the coffee
a calculadora the calculator
a camera the camera
a caneta the pen
a carteira the portfolio
a cerca fence
a chapa plate
a cola glue
a filmadora the camcorder
a geladeira the refrigerator
a impressora printer
a janela window
a lavadora de louça the dish washer
a lavadora de roupa the washing machine
a máquina de costura a sewing machine
a mesa the table
a panificadora the bread machine
a pasta the folder
a porta door
a regua the ruler
a sanduicheira the sandwich maker
a secadora de roupa a tumble dryer
a taça cup
a televisão the television
a tesoura the scissors
a torradeira the toaster
o apagador the eraser
o aparelho de DVD the DVD player
o apontador the sharpener
o arcondicionado the air conditioner
o aspirador de po the vacuum cleaner
o bloco de anotacoes the notebook (top ringbound)
o caderno the notebook (left ringbound)
o carimbo the stamper
o cartaz poster
o celular the cellular phone
o cinzeiro the ashtray
o clips the clips
o computador the computer
o corretivo the typex
o depurador de ar the air cleaner above stove
o durex cellophane tape
o ferro electrico The electric iron
o fogao the stove
o forno de microondas the microwave oven
o forno electrico electric oven
o freezer the freezer
o grampeador the stapler
o lápis the pencil
o lápiseira the clutch pencil
o liquificador the blender
o microondas the microwave
o notebook the laptop
o parede wall
o quadro branco whiteboard
o relógio the clock
O som portátil portable sound system
o telefone sem fio cordless phone
o tesouro the treasure
o teto the ceiling
o ventilador de teto the ceiling fan
o vidro glass
os óculos the glasses
Created by: generius2
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