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500 verbs a-c

European Portuguese 500 verbs

to accompany (vt) acompanhar (vt)
to accuse (vt) acusar (vt)
to act (take action) agir (vi)
to add (put together) adicionar (vt)
to address (speak to) endereçar-se (vp)
to admire (vi) admirar-se (vp)
to advertise (vt) publicitar, anunciar (vt)
to advise (give advice to) aconselhar (vt)
to affirm (vt) afirmar (vt)
to agree (say yes) concordar (vt)
to aim (have as goaI) aspirar a (vt)
to aIIow (sb to do sth) permitir (vt)
to amputate (vt) amputar (vt)
to anger (vt) zangar (vt)
to arrive (about train) chegar (vi)
to ask (~ sb to do sth) pedir (vt)
to assist (help) assistir (vt)
to attack (military) atacar (vt)
to attain (objectives) alcançar (vt)
to avoid (danger, task) evitar (vt)
to award (give medal to) condecorar (vt)
to bathe (~ one's baby) banhar (vt)
to battle (vi) batalhar (vi)
to be (on the table etc.) estar
to be able to poder (vt)
to be afraid (of ...) temer (vt)
to be angry (with ...) zangar-se com (vp)
to be at war guerrear (vt)
to be based (on ...) basear-se (vp)
to be bored aborrecer-se (vp)
to be convinced ser convencido
to be enough bastar (vi)
to be envious invejar (vt)
to be in a hurry estar apressado
to be indignant indignar-se (vp)
to be interested in interessar-se (vp)
to be needed ser necessário
to be perplexed estar perplexo
to be preserved ser preservado
to be required ser necessário
to be surprised ser surpreendido
to be worried preocupar-se (vp)
to beat (dog, person) bater (vt)
to become (e.g., ~ oId) tornar-se (vp)
to become pensive ficar pensativo
to behave (vi) comportar-se (vp)
to believe (think) supor (vt)
to belong to pertencer (vt)
to blind (of flash of light) cegar, ofuscar(v1)
to blow (wind) soprar (vi)
to blush (vi) ruborizar-se (vp)
to boast (vi) jactar-se (vp)
to borrow (money) tomar emprestado (vt)
to break (branch, toy etc.) quebrar (vt)
to breathe (vi) respirar (vi)
to bring sb in (sth) trazer (vt)
to burn (paper, logs) queimar (vt)
to burst (vi) romper-se (vp)
to buy (purchase) comprar (vt)
to call (for help, with one's voice) chamar (vt)
to calm down (vt) acalmar (vt)
to cancel (call off) cancelar (vt)
to cast off desatracar (vt)
to catch (e.g., ~ a baIl) pegar (vt)
to catch s¡ght (of ...) avistar (vt)
to cause causar (vt)
to change (~ one's opinion) modificar, mudar (vt)
to change (exchange) trocar (vt)
to charm (please, delight) fascinar (vt)
to choose (select) escolher (vt)
to clean (from dirt, shoes etc., tidy) limpar (vt)
to close (window, shop) fechar (vt)
to comb hair pentear-se (vp)
to come down (the stairs) descer (vi)
to come in (enter) entrar (vi)
to come out (book) sair (vi)
to compare (vt) comparar (vt)
to compensate (vt) compensar (vt)
to compete (vi) competir (vi)
to compile, to make (a list) fazer, compilar (vt)
to complain (vi, vt) queixar-se (vp)
to complicate (vt) complicar (vt)
to compose (music etc.) compor (vt)
to compromise (vt) comprometer (vt)
to concentrate (vi) concentrar-se (vp)
to confess (criminal) confessar-se (vp)
to congratulate (vt) felicitar (vt)
to consult (doctor, expem consultar com (vt)
to continue (~ to do sth) continuar (vt)
to control (verify) controlar (vt)
to convince (vt) convencer (vt)
to cooperate (with) colaborar (vi)
to coordinate (vt) coordenar (vt)
to correct (rectify) corrigir (vt)
to cost (vt) custar (vt)
to count (add up) calcular (vt)
to count on contar com
to crack (ab. ceiling, wall) fender (vi)
to create (vt) criar (vt)
to cry (weep) chorar
to cut off (vt) cortar (vt)
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