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Mueller's geo terms

geo terms

circle on a map that shows the four cardinal directions Compass rose
type of map that show rivers, mountains, and elevation Physical
Type of map that shows political boundaries, or settlements and cities, that once existed Historical
map devoted to a special theme, such as the location of temples in ancient Greece. Thematic
Imaginary horizontal lines that run parallel across the Earth. Latitude
Imaginary verticle lines that run up and down the earth Longitude.
3rd largest continent in the world. Located in the North West Hemisphere. North America
Land connecting North and South America Central America
group of islands in the Carribbean Sea West Indies
broad expanse of flat or or slightly hilly land, often covered with grass, or grass and trees. plains
an area of jungle covered with plants and trees. Found in areas with warm climate and heavy rainfall. Great diversity of plants and animal life. Rainforest
Second largest continent. Characterized by Low GDP, High infant mortality rate, and low life expectancy. Located in 3 of the 4 hemispheres. Africa
Receives little to no rainfall, limited variety of plants and animals adapted to extreme heat. desert
Worlds longest river Nile
World largest river by volume. Amazon
Longest river in the US Mississippi
Second smallest continent. First to become industrialized. Europe
Largest Continent in the World. Located in the NE hemisphere. Asia
Crossroads to Africa, Asia, and Europe. Predominant religion is Islam. Middle East
man made waterway connecting the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Suez Canal
Treeless grasslands in Central Asia and Russia` Steppes
An area in northernmost russia where the groud in frozen much of the year Tundra
A large piece of land smaller than a continent. India is an example of one. Sub continent.
Piece of land surrounded by water on three sides Peninsula
Seasonal winds that blow across Asia. Monsoons
The world's southernmost continent. Neither owned or settled by anyone but scientist. Antarctica.
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