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Management test 2

Nunleys Email

Nurse Practice Act determines: The scope of practice for a professional nurse in a specific state
Nurse Practice Act establishes guidelines by which nurses can perform skills or services
Nurse Practice Act is a set of: statutes (rules and regulations) that provide guidelines for professional nurses
Nurse Practice Act establishes what to protect the public? Educational, examination and behavioral standards for nurses
What does each state have to enforce requirements? A Board of Registered Nursing to oversee implementation of Nurse Practice Act by nurses across care delivery settings
What can the Board of Nursing in state of licensure do? Deny, suspend, or revoke license to practice as a registered nurse.
Why are reasons the Board of Nursing would place disciplinary action or sanction? (first 5) -Unprofessional conduct -Conduct that could negatively affect public health -Accepting and carrying out assignments incorrectly or with insufficient preparation -Physical/verbal abuse of a client -Breach of confidentiality
Why are reasons the Board of Nursing would place disciplinary action or sanction? (last 4) -Improper delegation of care that places client at risk for harm -Failure to maintain accurate client record of falsifying client record -Abandonment -Failure to engage continuing education activities required by state statute
Negligence Unintentional failure to act as a reasonable person in similar circumstances would act that result in injury to another
What elements are included in Negligence? Duty, Breech of duty, Injury occured, Proximate cause, and Actual loss or damage resulting from conduct
Duty indicates what? legal relationship between nurse and client
Duty: Nurse has responsibility to care for and watch over client as a component of employment
Breech of duty nurse fails to complete the duty; includes commission or omission
Injury occurred client has suffered physical, emotional, or financial
Proximate cause injuriesthere is resonably close casual connection between nurse's conduct and resulting injury
Malpractice negligence by a professional; professional failure to carry our or perform duties that result in injury to another; acting outside the scope of one's practice
What is malpractice usual filed as in court? A civil tort; a court must reach finding of guilty in order for restitution to occur
The doctor administering the Diprivan to Michael Jackson is an example of what? Criminal charge for gross malpractice
Created by: Keller_KI