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COD N2 Deligation

American Nurses Assoc. difines delegation as The transfer of responsibility for the preformance of an acitvity from one person to another while retaining accountability for the outcome.
what are the 5 rights of delegation the right task, in the right circumstances, to the right person, right direction and communication, right supervision & evaluation
If an LVN was delegated to start an IV on a patient, since that LVN is really busy can he/she ask another LVN to preform the task? No, a task that was delegated cannot be further delegated. That LVN needs to go to the RN and tell the RN that they will not be able to preform the task in a timely mannor
What can be delegated to UAP (unlicensed assistive personell) V/S, I&O, Client transfers & ambulation, postmortum care, bathing, feeding, gastrostomy feedings in established systems, attending to client safety, simple dressing change, weighing, suctioning chronic tracheostomies, CPR
What may not be delegated to a UAP assessments, intrepretation of data, making nursing Dx, creation of a nursing care plan, administering parenteral medications, insertion of NG tube, client education, perfroming triage, giving telephone advice
If the phone rings and an LVN answers the phone, it's the LAB calling with a critical LAB result, can the LVN recieve the information and tell the RN since she is with a client at this time. No, this is a task only RN's can preform. If the client's RN is busy any RN that is available can take the infromation from the Lab
What phase of the nursing process does delegating occur The planning phase
what must the RN know before delegating a task to LVN's/CNA's or other assistive personnel the background, experiance, knowledge, skills, strengths or each person and understand what tasks are within their legal scope of practice.
You are working in the Emergency Department: can you ask an EMT (emergency Room Technician) to put in a NG tube on a client? No, it is not in their scope of practice
Who is responsible for not reporting a patient with a stage 1 pressure ulcer. The CNA that was delegated to bathe this client for the past week or the RN incharge of the client? The Nurse was to assess this patient every shift, if it had been done it would have not gone unnoticed. Also the RN would have noticed that the CNA wasn't bathing the client.
what are the 2 responsibilties in delegating and assigning 1. giving tasks within the scope of practice of the personnel 2. adequate supervision of personnel whome the task was assigned to
The nurse gets busy and has a patient that just coded. Can she deligate a piggyback that is almost overdue for one of her other clients to a seasoned LVN/LPN that has worked at the hospital for 15 years? The LPN cannot hang intravenous medications
who's responsible for the task that is delegated gets completed? The RN that is delegating the task.
Created by: jaymee4647