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Psych Questions

Antidepressants vs. antipsychotics Antidepressants take longer to kick in
What do you give for muscle rigidity and laryngospasm Cogentin IM
Tardive dyskinesia pursed lips, tongue rolling
MAOI Tyramine-free diet, contraindicated with OTC cold remedies, see severe h/a and/or blurred vision
Common MAOI Nardil
Clozaril Nursing Implications: prone to agranulocytosis, lowers seizure threshold, have blood draws Q2 weeks to determine agranulocytosis
1st generation antipsychotics Temperature increase and muscle rigidity indicate Neuroleptic Malignancy Syndrome
"I can't take it anymore" Asking if they feel like killing themselves, if they have a plan, a means, etc.
If folk healer is with patients? Let folk healer finish, come back later
Oedipus complex Boy has sexual attraction to mother
Hallucination Alteration in sensory processing NOT based on external stimuli
Irrational beliefs Delusions
Delusions about special powers/abilities? Delusions of grandeur, compensation for low self esteem
Pressured speech, flight of ideas? Mania
Antianxiety agents Lorazepam, Xanax, Valium = prescribe on short term basis for acute anxiety. Do not use with alcohol or other CNS depressants. Addictive, do not go off abruptly = seizure, coma, death
Antimanics Lithium Carbonate = not too much salt/too little salt intake, not too much/too little fluid intake. Monitor serum levels. S/S toxicity are: tremors, slurred speech, decreased LOC, severe diarrhea
Assess for auditory hallucinations Are they telling you to hurt yourself/others?
Nursing diagnosis for anorexia nervosa Alteration in body image
Crisis theory Previous coping with crisis and perception of event as well as effectiveness of coping mechanisms
Stages of group therapy Working phase = increase in trust Termination phase = been together for a period of time and have resolved conflicts
Borderline personality disorders Manipulative, set limits
Therapeutic relationship emphasis on client, meeting clients needs, time limited, expectation that clients difficulties are expressed, encourage client to take on adaptive behavior
Co-dependency Difficulty with boundaries, over-extend themselves, always taking care of others
Enabler Spouse of alcoholic making excuses for partner
Created by: mollyluvender