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Auriemma Breadwinner

Auriemma Afghanistan characteristics and Breadwinner vocabulary

Chador* A large cloth worn as a compination head covering, veil and shawl
labyrinth* a maz or a place constucted ofintricate passageways
Forbade* To comand or prevent someone from doing somethign
Decree* Having the force of law
Burquas* A loose garment that covers the face and the body
Landlocked* surrounded by land on all sides
Hindu Kush The mountain range that runs through Afghanistan
Islam The major religion of the people of Afghanistan
Parvana The heroine or main character of Breadwinner
Nooria Parvana's older sister
Maryam Parvana's younger sister
Ali Parvana' brother
Taliban The military group that controls parts of Afghanistan using fear and violence
toshak* A flat mat, used like a matress
looters* people that seize property and take it away.
lingered* to be slow to act
Nan* A flat bread
idle* to sit and stew
sulk* to pout or quiet anger
pakul* woolen hat
fringe* the edge or border of the fabric
brusquely* gruff or sharp or rude
Radio Station Mothers original job
High School History Teacher Father's original Job
Arrested Father was arrested becuase he was educated in England
Picture and a note What mother and Parvana took with the when they tried to get Father out of jail
Parvana The person responsible for working while father is in jail
boy What Parvana must pretend to be while Father is in jail
Fetching Water Parvana's physical job
Nan and Rice The main staple or food of Afghanistan
Kaseem Parvana's boy name
Deborah Ellis The author of the Breadwinner.
Created by: jauriemma