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Maternal Questions

Why breastfeed NB right after birth? Baby us wide awake, helps to contract uterus, promotes bonding
Which hormone is used to detect pregnancy? Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HcG)
Why is ritodrine/yutopar given? To inhibit uterine contractions
What is a risk factor for developing an ectopic pregnancy? Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
Woman is in mid labor and has increased bloody show, what does this mean? Cervix is dilating
Woman is in mid labor and has urge to push but is not fully dilated, what do you tell her to do? Lay on her side and pant
When someone says the baby is coming, what do you do? Check perineal area to confirm
After a C-section, what does a woman need to have before she can have a drink? Bowel sounds
When do you have an Rh incompatibility? When mom is (-) and dad is (+). Give Rhogam
When baby is under bili lights, what nursing interventions do you need to perform? Turn and position baby, keep eyes and genitals covered and check temperature of lights. Baby can be fed under lights, rash is normal
If bilirubin is not controlled, what part of the babys body can it affect? The brain (kernicterus)
What disease primarily affects the Jewish population? Tay Sachs disease
An elevated temperature in mom within 1st 24 hours after delivery is caused by what? After the first 24 hours? Dehydration/Infection
What is the most common cause of post partum hemorrhage? Uterine atony
A trickle of blood after delivery is probably caused by what? Cervical laceration
What can smoking during pregnancy cause in the baby? Small for gestational age, intra-uterine growth retardation
Fundus - firm uterus with excess bleeding? Vaginal laceration
First stage of labor begins and ends with? First contaction until fully dilated
Second stage of labor? Fully dilated until birth
Phases of labor Latent phase: 1cm-3cm; Active phase: 4cm-7cm; Transition phase: 8cm-10cm
Early decelerations are caused by? Head compression. Okay, continue to monitor
Late decelerations are caused by? Uteroplacental insufficiency which can be caused by Pitocin. Turn on side, give O2, IV fluids and turn off Pitocin if these don't work
Variable decelerations are caused by? Cord compression. Turn on side or put in Trendelenburg position
Baby in posterior postion means? Mom will have back pain
If mom has overdistended uterus (Octomom) what can this cause? Uterine atony
How much weight should a woman ideally gain during pregnancy? 25-30 pounds
Created by: mollyluvender