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VNSG 1304 Exam 4


What is caring It means that people, relationships and things matter. Caring is central to all helping professions and enables people to create meaning in their lives
What are the components of caring Caring as a moral imperative, affect, as a human trait, an interpersonal relationship & therapeutic intervention
What are the caring nursing practices Knowing, alternating rhythms, patience, honesty, trust, humility,hope, courage
What are the “six C’s” of caring in nursing compassion, competence, confidence, conscience, commitment, comportment see page 451 KEBS
What is Madeline Leininger's Theory Cultural Care, diversity. Nurses must understand different cultures in order to function effectively
What is Marilyn Ray's Theory Bureaucratic Caring. Different areas in the organization have different views. i.e ERvesusICU perceptions of caring
What is Simone Roach's Theory The Human Mode of Being Encompasses the 6 "C"s of nursing;compassion competent,confidence,conscience,commitment,and comportment
What is Jean Watson's Theory Nursing has a commitment to care for the whole person, as well as concern for the health of individuals and groups. The practice of nursing is transpersonal and metaphysical.
What is empirical knowledge in nursing factual observable, measurable phenomena
What is aesthetic knowledge in nursing The art of nursing
What is personal knowledge in nursing Therapeutic use of self, i.e sitting in a room with a patient and personally making them feel better
What is ethical knowledge It is the moral component of nursing
What does knowing the client mean empowering client through education, nursing presence, compassion, competence&active listening See also page 453 KEBS
What does nursing presence mean being there, therapeutic use of oneself, holding their hand, caring encounter
What does empowering patient mean teaching, encouragement, doing things to help them take control
What does being compassionate mean Being a good Samaritan P 451 Box 25-1 KEBS
What is competence Being good at what you do P 451 Box 25-1 KEBS
Created by: monica_acc