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2 basic ingredients neccessary to make sand? Rock and Energy
What is a shoreline? A place where a body of water meets land.
What determines the size of the wave? How hard and long the wind is blowing.
What is a wave train? Waves that move in groups
How do waves break down rocks into sand? They crash into the rock many times until it turns into sand
5 landforms produced by wave erosion Sea stack, sea cave, sea arch, headland, wave-cut terrace
Why are large waves mor capable of removing large chuncks of rock form a shoreline than normal waves can? MORE ENERGY!!!!!!
What is a beach? An area of the shorling made up of materials deposited by waves.
Are all beaches the same? Why? No, because all beaches are made of different material
Where does the beach material come from? The material that the waves bring up from the sea or from the enviroment around the shoreline
What is a longshore current? A water current that mobes water in a zig-zag pattern along the beach
2 examples of landforms that are created by longshore currents in open water Barrier spit and sandbar
What areas are shaped most dramatically by wind and why? Deserts and coastlines beacause they have little plant coverage to anchor the fine, loose rock material
What is saltation? Skipping and bouncing of sand-sized particles in the wind
What is deflation? Removing sand from an area by the wind
Desert pavement is caused by what? Deflation
The grinding and wearing down of rock surfaces by other rock or sand particles is called___________. Abrasion
Where does abrasion commonly occur? Areas where there are strong winds, loose sand, and soft rock.
What is loess? Very fine material deposited by the wind.
Where did many of the loess deposits come from and how did they travel so far? They came from the glacial sources from the Ice Age and they traveled so far by the wind becuase it carries the fine-grained material much higher and farther than regular sand.
What are dunes? Mounds of sand made by one staionary object.
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