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暨南中文 V.6 L.8 望远镜

荷兰 Hélán; Holland
莱茵河 Láiyīnhé; Rhine
透过 tòuguò; to break through, to penetrate
透明 tòumíng; transparent, limpid
消息 xiāoxi; news
躺下 tǎngxià; to lie down
躺在床上 tǎngzài chuángshàng; lie on bed
躺一会儿 tǎng yìhuǐ(r); lie down a little bit
整理 zhěnglǐ; to put things in order
整个 zhěngge; whole, entire
完整 wánzhěng; complete, full
另外 lìngwài; besides, in addition
另一个 lìng yíge; another one
清楚 qīngchǔ; clear, lucid
而且 érqiě; and, as well, further
一倍 yíbèi; times, double
加倍 jiābèi; to double
两倍 liǎngbèi; twice as much
三倍 sānbèi; triple
似乎 sìhū; it seems that/as if, it appears that/as though
继续 jìxù; to continue,to carry on
继续努力 jìxù nǔlì; continue to endeavor
继续学习 jìxù xuéxí; continue to learn
继续前进 jìxù qiánjìn; continue to go forward/proceed
研究 yánjiū; to research
军事 jūnshì; military affairs
军人 jūnrén; soldier, armyman
军队 jūnduì; troops, the army
陆军 lùjūn; the army, the land force
海军 hǎijūn; the navy
空军 kōngjūn; air force
游览 yóulǎn; to tour, to go sightseeing
展览 zhǎnlǎn; to exhibit, to display, an exhibition
Created by: ruthtang
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