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暨南中文 V.6 L.7 日月潭

tán;a deep pool
日月潭 Rìyuètán; Sun Moon Lake
日潭 Rìtán; the Sun Lake
月潭 Yuètán; the Moon Lake
台湾(灣) Táiwān; Taiwan
一半 yíbàn; half
半天 bàntiān; half day,a long time
弯弯的(彎彎的) wānwānde; curved
倒映 dàoyìng; to reflect down
传说(傳說) chuánshuō; a legend, it is said…
dú; poison, poisonous
龙(龍) lóng; dragon
可怕 kěpà; fearful
害怕 hàipà; to be scared
hài; to harm/injure
妻子 qīzi; wife
夫妻 fūqī; couple
nǚ; female
大尖 Dàjiān; a place
水社 Shuǐshè; a place
阿里山 ālǐshān; Mount Ali
立志 lìzhì; to be determined to
chú; except
除了…以外 chúle…yǐwài; excluding, besides, except
宝物(寶) bǎowù; treasure
斧头(頭) fǔtou; ax
剪刀 jiǎndāo; scissors
制服 zhìfú; to subdue
克服 kèfú; to conquer/overcome
困难(難) kùnnán; difficulties
终於 zhōngyú; at last, finally
胜利(勝利) shènglì; a victory, success
吐出来 tùchūlái; spit out
liǎ; two
旅游胜地(旅遊勝地) lǚyóushèngdì; sightseeing resorts
Created by: ruthtang
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