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EP Ch 12

VOC build up in office buildings
Temperature Inversion warm air keeps cool air at surface
Light Pollution decreased by pointing lights down
Acidity of Soil as acidity increases more nutrients washed out of the soil
Clean Air Act EPA can regulate emissions
Sick Building Syndrome more frequent in warm climates with air conditioning
Ozone ground level effects children and people with respiratory disease
Noise Pollution cause deafness at 120 db or more
Fossil Fuels release sulfur and nitrogen oxides
Acid Rain results from burning fossil fuels, precipitation is normally slightly acidic
Primary Pollutants released directly to atmosphere, examples: carbon monoxide, ozone
Sulfur Dioxide combination of oxygen, UV rays, and auto emissions
Scrubbers remove poisonous gases from smokestacks
Indoor Air Quality low in tightly sealed building with air conditioning, high in buildings with good ventilation
Asbestos $40 billion dollars for schools to remove
pH low=acidic, high=basic, 7 is neutral
Aluminum leaches through acidic soil
Canada pollution comes from Midwest and eastern US
Air Pollution from burning fossil fuels
Particulate Matter from agriculture and construction, forms clouds
Carbon Monoxide lowers the amount of oxygen blood can carry
Automobiles fumes escape when filling tanks, nitrogen oxides released with exhaust, largest producer of primary pollutants
Secondary Pollutant smog combines with sunlight, combination of primary pollutants
Smog decreased by ethanol, formed by sunlight, exhaust, and ozone
Created by: evroman