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BIT Chinese Level B

BIT Chinese Level B, Boya, Kouyu, Tingli, Yuedu (Version 2.1 05/03/13)

awkward, unnatural, stiff, rigid sheng1ying4 生硬
basic, fundamental, foundation ji1ben3 基本
courtesy, etiquette li3jie2 礼节
anxious, impatient, urgent ji2
rare, hard to come by nan2de2 难得
try(one’s best) jin3
even, so much so that shen4zhi4 甚至
receive, entertain (guests), host zhao1dao4 招待
put in jia1
to fill, to ladle, ladle cheng2
respect zun1jing4 尊敬
to shake hands wo4shou3 握手
position, post zhi2wei4 职位
politeness, manners li3mao4 礼貌
unit dan1yuan2 单元
single-storey house ping2fang2 平房
to open one’s mouth, to ask for a favor zhang1zui3 张嘴
(modal particle to emphasize tone) ke3
intimate qin1mi4 亲密
personal secret, privacy yin3si1 隐私
to enquire, to concern oneself with guo4wen4 过问
(of two houses) face each other, the oppsite house dui4men2r 对门儿
smell qi4wei4 气味
nutrition ying2yang3 营养
husband or wife (old married couple) lao3ban4r 老伴
village cun1zi 村子
simply (usually used in neg. sentence) gen1ben3 根本
close to, get near kao4
contrary, opposite xiang1fan3 相反
order, sequence shun4xu4 顺序
communication tong1xin4 通信
district, area qu1
street jie1dao4 街道
grow (a beard) liu2
actual, real shi2ji4 实际
place, seat, location, position wei4zhi4 位置
separately fen1bie2 分别
end, side, reason, aspect duan1
beginning, start kai1duan1 开端
thumb mu3zhi3 拇指
little finger xiao3zhi3 小指
index finger shi2zhi3 食指
middle finger zhong1zhi3 中指
the ringfinger wu2ming2zhi3 无名指
to pinch, to hold between the fingers nie1
hook gou1
to turn over fan1dong4 翻动
palm (of the hand) shou3zhang3 手掌
red envelope containing money as gift hong2bao1 红包
person or persons, other than the speaker or hearer ren2jia1 人家
meaning, significance yi4yi4 意义
not only...but also... ji4...you4... 既...又...
request a song dian3ge1 点歌
to do sth in advance ti2qian2 提前
hate to part with, hate to use, reluctant to let go she3bude 舍不得
now that, since ji3ran2 既然
whole heartedness, sincerity zhen1xin1 真心
social contact, social intercourse she4jiao1 社交
way, manner fang1shi4 方式
elegant gao1ya3 高雅
timely, w/o delay, at the right time ji2shi2 及时
request a program for broadcasting or television dian3bo1 点播
unique du2te4 独特
chimpanzee xing1xing 猩猩
to quit smoking jie4yan1 戒烟
pneumonia fei4yan2 肺炎
mosquito wen2zi 文字
carbon dioxide (CO2) er4yang3hua4tan4 二氧化碳
to bite ding1yao3 叮咬
garlic da4suan4 大蒜
chauffeur si1ji1 司机
vegetarian (food) su4
not only bu4jin3 不仅
way of doing or making things zuo4fa3 做法
oil, oily, greasy you2
eggplant qie2zi 茄子
Christmas sheng4dan4jie2 圣诞节
more and more yue4lai2yue4 越来越
to recover hui1fu4 恢复
blood pressure xue4ya1 血压
classifier: work, present, newspaper fen4
boss lao3ban3 老板
to quarrel (oral conflict) chao3jia4 吵架
to get angry sheng1qi4 生气
to worry dan1xin1 担心
nose bi2zi 鼻子
computer dian4nao3 电脑
to write back hui2xin4 回信
to remember ji4de 记得
to graduate bi4ye4 毕业
advertisement guang3gao4 广告
thin shou4
monkey hou2zi 猴子
diary ri4ji4 日记
first (used before a numeral) tou2
procedure shou3xu4 手续
painful tong4ku3 痛苦
to take physical exercise duan4lian4 锻炼
to gain shou1huo4 收获
first (firstly) shou3xian4 首先
exact, accurate zhun3que4 准确
to understand ming2bai 明白
examination, question ti2
to read yue4du2 阅读
especially you2qi2 尤其
to fill in tian2
as a result, should be, therefore kan4lai2 看来
to familiarize, to know sth/sb well shu2xi1 熟悉
environment huan2jing4 环境
to adapt, to get used to shi4ying4 适应
to imagine xiang3xiang4 想象
net wang3
to have access to internet shang4wang3 上网
traffic, communications jiao1tong1 交通
to bargain (from sellers side), to cut down a price kan3jia4 砍价
necessary bi4yao4 必要
to communicate jiao1liu2 交流
authority, expert tong1
besides, except yi3wai4 以外
menu cai4dan1 菜单
action dong4zuo4 动作
to repeat, to duplicate chong2fu4 重复
stomach (of an animal) du3
to explain jie3shi4 解释
tomato xi1hong2shi4 西红柿
stir-fry chao4
almost, nearly ji1hu1 几乎
useful you3yong4 有用
liver gan1
(animal)guts xia4shui 下水
to feel grateful, to be thankful gan3ji1 感激
to help bang1mang2 帮忙
Mandarin pu3tong1hua4 普通话
standard biao1zhun3 标准
once, ever (have ever been) ceng2jing1 曾经
to talk, to converse dui4hua4 对话
because, as a result of, since, thanks to you2yu2 由于
fluent liu2li4 流利
dialect fang1yan2 方言
serious yan2su4 严肃
accent kou3yin1 口音
fried pork in sweet and sour sauce gu3lao3rou4 古老肉
tomato omlette xi1hong2shi3 chao3ji1dan4 西红柿 炒鸡蛋
feel happy, to rejoice kai1xin1 开心
mutually, each other hu4xiang1 互相
gold jin1
be first, rank first jia3
silver yin2
happy, happyness xing1fu2 幸福
luck, good fortune fu2
in addition, besides ling4wai4 另外
second, rank second yi3
to take care of, to keep an eye on guan1zhao4 关照
to carry on, to follow jie1zhe 接着
third, rank third bing3
Chinese descendant hua2yi4 华裔
unite, united tuan2jie2 团结
luggage xing2li 行李
speciality te4chan3 特产
to run into, to meet, to come across peng4jian 碰见
to get together ju4
meeting, get-together, social gathering ju4hui4 聚会
to be, to act as dang1
hard working xin1ku3 辛苦
often, regularly lao3
longevity shou4 寿
to feel gan3dao4 感到
cordial, warm, kind, amiabel qin1qie4 亲切
to change, changing bian4hua4 变化
group, team zu3
situation, case qing2kuang4 情况
once again, start from the very beginning chong2xin1 重新
to divide, to separate fen1
team members zu3yuan2 组员
defect, weak point shortcoming que1dian3 缺点
to lose shu1
to knock qiao1
neighbor lin2ju1 邻居
to be quiet an1jing4 安静
to disturb, to affect, to influence ying3xiang3 影响
to feel sorry, to be sorry, sorry! bao4qian4 抱歉
to yell, to cry out han3
to shout jiao4
playground cao1chang3 操场
team dui4
(to be composed) of you2
form, to make up (into), to compose zu3cheng2 (you2...zu3cheng2) 组成 (由...组成)
to kick ti1
to trip, to fall shuai1
standing, to stand up zhan4
to push, to cut, to refuse, to reject tui1
referee cai2pan4 裁判
yellow card huang2pai2r 黄牌儿
to punish fa2
team member dui4yuan2 队员
very good, excellent bang4
to carry on, to execute jin4xing2 进行
to macht, to contest, competition bi3sai4 比赛
cheerleading squad la1la1dui4 拉拉队
enthusiastic, passion, passionate, cordial re4qing2 热情
to support zhi1chi2 支持
to fall behind luo4hou4 落后
finally zhong1yu2 终于
victory, success sheng4li4 胜利
to hug, to embrace yong1bao4 拥抱
nation, nationality min2zu2 民族
husband and wife fu1qi1 夫妻
knowledge zhi1shi 知识
eye, mesh, small hole yan3r 眼儿
to cooperate, to work together, cooperation he2zuo4 合作
passenger cheng2ke4 乘客
ticket seller shou4piao4yuan2 售票员
reverse fan3
excuse me, may I trouble you lao2jia4 劳驾
to permit, to allow zhun3
to have an accident, to meet with mishap chu1shi4 出事
to run into, to rush to forces one's way chuang3
red traffic light hong2deng1 红灯
in vain, for nothing bai2
to hurt, to injure shang1
at that moment dang1shi2 当时
to appear, to arise, to emerge chu1xian4 出现
safe and sound ping2an1 平安
(to address) aged men da4ye 大爷
to store, to keep, to preserve cun1
parking lot (cun1che1)chu4 (存车)处
sign, plate pai2zi 牌子
wide, broad kuan1
to touch peng4
to blame guai4
immediately, right away li4ke4 立刻
city shi4
classifier: traffic accident, fire qi3
It turns out jie2guo3 结果
hurt seriously zhong4shang1 重伤
hurt slightly qing1shang1 轻伤
comrade tong2zhi4 同志
dangerous, at risk wei1xian3 危险
(speak or cry) aloud, loud voice, louldy da4sheng1 大声
a form, a table (of information) biao3(ge2) 表(格)
everywhere, all over dao4chu4 到处
to manage, to handle nong4
from childhood cong2xiao3 从小
youth qing1nian4 青年
dinging room, restaurant can1ting1 餐厅
mushroom mo2gu 蘑菇
no matter(how, what, etc.) bu4lun4...dou1... 不论...都...
maybe, probably ye3xu3 也许
nutrition ying2yang3 营养
rich, to enricht feng1fu4 丰富
mineral water kuang4quan2shui3 矿泉水
staple food zhu3shi2 主食
festival jie2ri4 节日
dragon long2
Dragon Boat long2chuan2 龙船
a pyramid-shaped dumpling zong4zi 粽子
to hold (a meeting, etc.) ju3xing2 举行
to order, to book ding4
line up pai2dui4 排队
box lunch, lunch sold in boxes he2fan4 盒饭
in beginning, initial part chu1
other than (that person), apart from (that person), the others qi2ta1 其他
poet shi1ren2 诗人
to jump (into) tiao4
river jiang1
cherish the memory of... ji4nian4 纪念
to be, to act as dang4zuo4 当做
soon, before long bu4jiu3 不久
to pass, to go pass lu4guo4 路过
no only...(but also)... bu4dan4...(er2qie3)... 不但...(而且)...
very ...dehen3 ...得很
price jia4ge2 价格
very, extremely shi2fen1 十分
to think of, to miss xiang3nian4 想念
the lunar calendar nong2li4 农历
difficulty kun4nan 困难
to smoke (a cigarette) chou1
cigarette, smoke yan1
home cooking jia1chang2cai4 家常菜
social custom feng1su2 风俗
to be going to, to be about to, will, shall jiang1
subject, topic ti2mu4 题目
child, children er2tong2 儿童
suffix for studying subject ...xue2 ...学
mentality, mental state xin1li3 心理
to be surprised, to be amazed chi1jing1 吃惊
native language mu3yu3 母语
same xiang1tong2 相同
aspect di4fang 地方
for example bi3ru2 比如
later, afterwards (used in past tense) hou4lai2 后来
expert, specialist zhuan1jia1 专家
order, sequence shun4xu4 顺序
purple zi3
brown zong1
other ling4
to make sure, to ascertain, definite, certain que4ding4 确定
both...and... ji4...you4... 既...又...
to pick up (from the ground) jian3
to earn a lot of money fa1cai2 发财
difference cha1bie2 差别
fish hook yu2gou1 鱼钩
cost, price dai4jia4 代价
to pay, to expend fu4chu1 付出
to sum up, to conclude zong3jie2 总结
to complete, to accomplish wan2cheng2 完成
overcast sky, cloudy day yin1tian1 阴天
to blow, be windy(weather) gua1feng1 刮风
really, for real, as expected guo3ran2 果然
if you have an issue, contact me you3shi4 lian2xi4 wo3 有事 联系 我
forecast yu4bao4 预报
original, originally, all along yuan2lai2 原来
to feel unwell nan2shou4 难受
sell out, sold out mai4wan2 卖完
to have a hard time, upset nan2guo4 难过
to lie, to lie down, to recline tang3
chest, heart, mind, in the heart, mind xin1li 心里
to hide the truth, to conceal man2
constant, continously bu2zhu4 不住
intelligent cong1ming2 聪明
to fall, to break, to throw down shuai1
possibility ke3neng2xing4 可能性
sudden, suddenly tu1ran2 突然
to reverse, upside down, to empty out, to pour dao4
to fall, to fail, to change (train or bus) dao3
search for work lian2xi4 gong1zuo4 联系 工作
to agree, to approve tong2yi4 同意
SMS duan3xin4 短信
to educate, education jiao4yu4 教育
to change into, to turn into, to become, to transform bian4cheng2 变成
management guan3li3 管理
to swear at (people), to curse (people) (zhou4)ma4(ren2) (咒)骂(人)
ruthless, strong (wine), cook ku4
to cause, to create zao4cheng2 造成
to complain, to grumble man2yuan4 埋怨
to input shu1ru4 输入
simple, not complicated jian3dan1 简单
to assemble, combination zu3he2 组合
to express biao3shi4 表示
ordinarily, in normal times ping2shi2 平时
to react, to respond fan3ying4 反应
to be very angry qi4si3 气死
idea, to think of, away to do sth xiang3fa3 想法
numeral, digit, number shu4zi4 数字
to count shu3
silent, quite, calm, peaceful an1jing4 安静
farmer nong2fu1 农夫
gentleman shen1shi4 绅士
to feel well, bright, clear shuang3
real, true, honest, reality shi2
false, void, emptyness, weak xu1
to feel, feeling gan3jue2 感觉
luck (good or bad) yun4qi 运气
fate, destiny ming4yun4 命运
to log in, to register deng1lu4 登录
bad luck, misfortune e4yun4 厄运
good luck hao3yun4 好运
luck in love tao2hua1yun2 桃花运
sit and drink coffee zuo4zuo4 坐坐
to call, to address as, title cheng1hu 称呼
luck in gambling shou3qi4 手气
to call on sb, to visit sb at home chuan4men2r 串门儿
although, even if sui1ran2 虽然
homosexual tong2xing4lian4 同性恋
shoot fireworks fang4yan1hua1 放烟花
wish a Happy New Year bai4nian2 拜年
to become reconciled he2hao3 和好
to mark, to grade (homework, exams), to correct pi1gai3 批改
to correct, correction gai3zheng4 改正
to correct, to make right jiu1zheng4 纠正
to find time to do sth chou1kong4 抽空
equivalent to, appropriate xiang1dang1 相当
almost, nearly kuai4...le 快...了
besides, in addition to chu2le…(dou1,hai2,ye3)… 除了...(都,还,也)...
except chu2le...zhi1wai4,... 除了...之外,...
cheerful, pleasant(-ly), happy, delighted yu2kuai4 愉快
don’t (like, speak) at all, no way yi1dian3ye3bu4(xi3huan,hui4shuo1) 一点也不(喜欢,会说)
have to, must bi4xu1 必须
to need, to require bi4xu1 必需
to blow your nose xing3
to resemble, similar xiang1xi4 相似
rhythm, beat jie2zou4 节奏
to rally, to unite, to join forces tuan2jie2 团结
religion zong2jiao4 宗教
household duties jia1wu4 家务
to wipe ca1
to sweep sao3
broom sao4
to sweep, (fig.)to sweep away sao3chu2 扫除
an evil-doer huai4ren2 坏人
poor people qiong2ren2 穷人
rich people fu4ren2 富人
height, size ge4zi 个子
home, homeland gu4xiang1 故乡
to sit in front of the PC zuo4zai4dian4nao3qian2 坐在电脑前
to wish, willing to do yuan4yi4 愿意
to have a surprise, gobsmacked da4chi1yi1jing1 大吃一惊
to catch and hold on, to continue, to proceed jie1zhe 接着
eraser, rubber xiang4pi2 橡皮
romantic lang4man4 浪漫
dinosaur kong3long2 恐龙
cash xian4jin1 现金
do not trust bu4xin4 不信
very much, extremely ...deyao4si3 ...得要死
very much, extremely ...deyao4ming4 得要命
correct zheng4que4 正确
very de+(动词) 地+(动词)
not only… bu4dan4... 不但...
to expect, to anticipate xiang3dao4 想到
to grab (from above, over you), to catch, to capture zhua1(zhu4) 抓(住)
police, policeman jing3cha2 警察
difficult to pronounce ao2
according to, based on gen1ju4 根据
neck bo2zi 脖子
sudden, unexpected tu1ran2 突然
suddenly tu1ran2jian1 突然间
to wander off, to stray, to get lost zou3san4 走散
to inspect, inspection jian1cha2 检查
to decline, to retreat, but, yet que4
to jump tiao4
cannot, insufficient (动词)+bu4dao4 (动词)+不到
...right (sit right, in the right) (动词)+dui4le (zuo4dui4le) (动词)+对了 (坐对了)
...wrong (sit wrong, in the wrong) (动词)+cuo4le (zuo4cuo4le) (动词)+错了 (坐错了)
to find out zhao3chu1 找出
identity shen1fen4 身份
identity card shen1fen4zheng4 身份证
manner, looks, aspect yang4zi 样子
difficulty, problem kun4nan 困难
to fight (physically) da3guo4jia4 打过架
to worry about... wei4…dan1xin1 为...担心
to pay attention to, to take note of zhu4yi4 注意
everything yi1qie4 一切
to leave li2kai1 离开
to dare gan3
to have the courage to do sth gan3yu2 敢于
on one side...,on the other side yi1bian1…,yi1bian1… 一边...,一边...
to sign up, to enter one’s name, to apply bao4ming2 报名
to register(again), to check in, to report for duty bao4dao4 报到
to resign ci2zhi2 辞职
to apologize dao4qian4 道歉
to impose a fine, penalty, fine fa2kuan3 罚款
to feel relieved fang4xin1 放心
to pay a sum of money, payment fu4kuan3 付款
to applaud, to clap gu3zhang3 鼓掌
to work overtime jia1ban1 加班
unemployment, to lose one's job shi1ye4 失业
regret, to regret, to be sorry yi2han4 遗憾
to hug bao4
fan (of sth) fen3si1 粉丝
to accuse, to charge kong4
full, complete, packed man3
terrible, difficult to deal with li4hai 厉害
quite good chao1niu2 超牛
foolish sha3
idiot sha3zi 傻子
sport, sports activity ti3yu4huo2dong4 体育活动
gymnastics ti3cao1 体操
classifier: animals zhi3
to guard against, to give up on sth, to strap doing sth jie4
to pass over, to hand over di4
to yield, to permit, to have sb do sth rang4
ghost, sly gui3
to decrease, to reduce, lessen jian3shao3 减少
at last, finally zhong1yu2 终于
to get, to obtain, to gain, to catch a disease de2
succes, to succeed cheng2gong1 成功
to allow, to praise xu3
connection of similar events yi1lian2 一连
to look around, to visit, to tour can1guan1 参观
even if, given that ji2shi3 即使
despite, although jin3guan3 尽管
rather er2shi4 而是
courtyard house si4he2yuan4 四合院
fear, to be afraid that..., maybe, perhaps kong3pa4 恐怕
bright-colored xian1yan4 鲜艳
to taste, to try chang2
upright, straight zheng4
contrary, in reverse, anti- fan3
fashionable, strange chao2
en vogue, fashionable shi2mao2 时髦
fashionable, fashion shi2shang4 时尚
to extend so's head, detector, search unit tan4tou2 探头
to belive, to consider yi3wei2 以为
to have bad luck (menstrual period) dao3mei2 倒霉
legal holiday, menstrual period li4jia4 例假
to attract (interest)/(investment) xi1yin3 吸引
less jiao4shao3 较少
small (human body) ai3
breath hu1xi1 呼吸
thick cu1
thin, fine, slender xi4
to sweat, to perspire chu1han4 出汗
thus, consequently, as a result yin1ci3 因此
special, unusual, extraordinary te4shu1 特殊
strange, unfamiliar mo4sheng1 陌生
to haggle over price tao3jia4huan2jia4 讨价还价
to bargain (over price) jiang3jia4 讲价
to be good at shan4yu2 善于
ancient buildings gu4jian4zhu4 古建筑
paragraph duan3
to put in order, to tidy up shou1shi 收拾
to arrange, to tidy up, to sort out zheng3li3 整理
society she4hui4 社会
to become zuo4ge 做个
make use of sth as long as possible li4yong4shi2jian1 利用时间
to answer question with a question, retorical question fan3wen4 反问
satisfied man3yi4 满意
to catch up, to hurry, to rush gan3
to reach up to, in time for ji2
there is still time for/to do sth, able to do sth in time lai2deji2 来得及
there is not enough time to do sth, It's too late to do sth lai2buji2 来不及
to decorate, to dress, style of a dress da3ban 打扮
according to an4(zhao4) 按(照)
to draw out, to pull out from in between sth, to remove part from a whole chou1
again, once more, anew, over again chong2xin1 重新
to experience, experience jing1yan4 经验
thought, idea, ideology si1xiang3 思想
condition, circumstances tiao2jian4 条件
internet wang3luo4 网络
to cooperate, partner da1dang4 搭档
time in the car, when in the car che1shi2 车时
up to+# duo1da2+# 多达+#
to try one's best jin3(4)liang4 尽量
to your own liking jin4qing2 尽情
completely wan2quan2 完全
forget about it, let it be suan4le 算了
opinion jian4jie3 见解
to commemorate, to remember ji4nian4 纪念
sense, significance, importance yi4yi4 意义
to inform, notify, notice, notification tong1zhi1 通知
leather, skin pi2
to exist, existence cun2(zai4) 存(在)
narrow, narrow minded, badly off zhai3
to knock sth over peng4dao3 碰倒
lamp, light deng1
collision, crash, to crash together xiang1zhuang4 相撞
to go (in a direction), to, towards wang3
economy jing1ji4 经济
child tong2nian2 童年
second miao3
near miss (nothing happened) you3jing1wu2xian3 有惊无险
fortunately xing4yun4 幸运
outside zai4...yi3wai4 在...以外
indeed, really que4shi2 确实
strict, tight, stringent yan2ge2 严格
grave, serious yan2zhong4 严重
in distance from li2
to come across, to run into peng4dao4 碰到
to meet, to come across, to run into yu4dao4 遇到
to speak jiang3
to solve jie3jue2 解决
to sink down, to lower, to drown chen2
to sink, to cave in, to subside ta1xian4 塌陷
aunt gu1gu 姑姑
window chuang1hu 窗户
excellent, impressive, grand, bright huan4
laugh, smile xiao4
wealth, wealthy cai2
width, breadth kuan1du4 宽度
length chang2du4 长度
countryside nong2cun1 农村
honest, honesty, honorable, truthful cheng2shi2 诚实
I can see/hear (determine/guess) what is whatt kan4/ting1dechu1lai2 看/听得出来
Cannot determine what is what kan4bu4/ting1chu1lai2 看/听出不来
to cut in line jia1sa1 夹仨
suppose that..., hypothesis, conjecture jia3she4 假设
values (ethical, cultural) jia4zhi2 价值
police dog jing3quan3 警犬
surroundings, environment, vicinity zhou1wei2 周围
to boast, to exaggerate, to praise kua1
to make friends jiao1peng2you 交朋友
street, main street da4jie1 大街
to confirm, to verify, confirmation que4ren4 确认
to pick (flower, fruit), to take (from above yourself) zhai1
housefly cang1ying 苍蝇
pepper jiao1
youth qing1nian2 青年
race, ethnicity zhong3zu2 种族
pure, unmixed chun1
prostitute zhan4jie1nv3 站街女
danger, dangerous wei1xian3 危险
(physical) life, living sheng1ming4 生命
bird niao3
any, whatever ren4he2 任何
to conceal, to hide away cang2
talent, ability cai2neng2 才能
principle, reason, justification dao4li 道理
once upon a time, before cong2qian2... 从前...
to believe ren4wei2 认为
writer, author zuo4zhe3 作者
to broadcast over a network (TV, radio) lian2bo1 联播
benefit, advantage, profit hao3chu 好处
harm, trouble huai4chu 坏处
to stand up qi3lai2 起来
to start, to continue ...qilai ...起来
to judge, judgement, to determine pan4duan4 判断
tuition fee xue2fei4 学费
to remember, to recall (short term memory) xiang3qilai 想起来
(not) to continue (动词)+(bu4)xia4qu4 (动词)+(不)下去
to brag chui1niu2 吹牛
historical sites and scenic spots meng2sheng4gu3ji4 名胜古迹
to emphasize a statement qiang3diao4 强调
stupid, silly, foolish ben4
to cheat, to fool, to deceive pian4
cordial, enthusiastic, passion, passionate re4qing2 热情
cold and detached toward sb, indifference, neglect leng3mo4 冷漠
to hesitate, undecided you2yu4 犹豫
cannot say for sure, not sure mei2zhun3er 没准儿
to advise, to try to persuade sb quan4
to decline tui1ci2 推辞
pick up and see off (drop off) jie1song4 接送
to pay particular attention to..., exquisite, aesthetic jiang3jiu 讲究
paper money chao1piao4 钞票
example li4zi 例子
surface area, area (piece of land) mian4ji1 面积
habit, hobby pi3
to be pleasantly surprised, amazed, astonished, to surprise jing1ya4 惊讶
incessant bu4ting2de 不停地
very much (want to do sth) bie2ti2you3duo1+(动词) 别提有多+(动词)
not have sth you3shen1me 有什么
interest xing4qu4 兴趣
to be interested xing4qu4gan3 兴趣感
to cry, to weep ku1
hat mao4zi 帽子
lonely, silent ji4mo4 寂寞
responsibility ze2ren4 责任
continously, persistently yi1ge4jin4 一个劲
unexpectedly jing4ran2 竟然
sequential order xian1hou4shun4xu4 先后顺序
adjective xing1rong2ci2 形容词
preposition jie4ci2 介词
pronoun dai4ci2 代词
joined meal he2can1 合餐
communal feeding da4guo2fan4 大锅饭
flat foot ideology, all the same for all people ping2zhuo2zhu3yi4 平圴主意
to put a lot on the table (too much) ya4zhuo1 压桌
loyal servant zhong2chen2 忠臣
treacherous state official jian1chen2 奸臣
traitor han4jian1 汉奸
politics, political zheng4zhi4 政治
democracy, democratic min2zhu3 民主
standard gui1ge2 规格
Mencius (philosopher) meng2zi3 孟子
Confucius kong3zi3 孔子
god of wealth cai2shen2 财神
public money gong1kuan3 公款
two beautiful women left and right zuo3yong1you4bao4 左拥右抱
handsome ying1jun4 英俊
VIP zhong4yao4ren2 重要人
topic, subject hua4ti2 话题
health care bao3jian4 保健
plastic surgery zheng3rong2 整容
excitement, entertainment (do sth after another event) yv2xing4 余兴
key word guan3jian4ci2 关键词
steady, stable wen3ding4 稳定
to value sth zhong4shi4 重视
spirit, mind jing1shen2 精神
vigor, vitality, drive, spritual jing1shen 精神
to request, to require yao1qiu2 要求
theater ju4chang3 剧场
foreign enterprise wai4qi3 外企
character, personality, moral quality ren2pin3 人品
independent, independence du2li4 独立
eyelashes jie2mao2 睫毛
eyebrow mei2mao 眉毛
tender/soft skin nen4pi2fu1 嫩皮肤
dry (air) gan1zao4(kong1qi4) 干燥(空气)
moist shi4run4 湿润
to exaggerate kua1zhang1 夸张
gradually, little by little yi1lai2er4qu4 一来二去
audience guan1zhong4 观众
audience ting1zhong4 听众
careless cu1xin1 粗心
to promise, to agree da1ying 答应
to raise, to lift, to carry(hanging down from the hand) ti2
to seek, to request, to look for, to strive, the demand qiu2
to insist on, to persevere with jian1chi2 坚持
unable to, without end ...bu4liao3 ...不了
to play a joke, to make fun of kai1wan2xiao4 开玩笑
to ridicule, to tease, to mock tiao4kan3 调侃
humorous hui1xie2 诙谐
humor, humorous you1mo4 幽默
dress, apparel chuan1zhuo2 穿着
attentive, wholehearted zhuan1xin1 专心
fortunately, luckily hao3zai4 好在
economize, save, use sparingly jie2sheng3 节省
be an exception li4wai4 例外
be vigilant, to watch out for jing3ti4 警惕
mind nao3zi 脑子
be poisoned zhong4du2 中毒
trust xin4ren4 信任
classroom ke4tang2 课堂
raise one's hand ju3shou3 举手
joke xiao4hua 笑话
to arrange, to agree to yue1hao3 约好
single, unmarried dan1shen1 单身
fear hai4pa4 害怕
material wu4zhi4 物质
shared, common gong4tong2 共同
mature cheng2shu2 成熟
doctor, PhD bo2shi4 博士
quiet and refined wen2jing4 文静
not matter wu2suo3wei4 无所谓
steady, staid wen3zhong4 稳重
similar xiang1si4 相似
go for an outing, go on an excursion jiao1you2 郊游
to rely on, the support yi1kao4 依靠
to delay, to hold up, to waste time dan1wu 耽误
to marry qu3
wife xi2fu 媳妇
be fashionable, be a popular practice shi2xing1 时兴
solicit for marriage, marriage seeking zheng1hun1 征婚
with ping2
unmarried wei4hun1 未婚
newspaper office bao4she4 报社
sorry bao4qian4 抱歉
to correct geng1zheng4 更正
annoying fan2ren2 烦人
life span, life shou4ming4 寿命
be garrulous lao2dao 唠叨
short coming que1dian3 缺点
merit, benefit, advantage strong period, strong point you1dian3 优点
author's remuneration gao3fei4 稿费
dentistry ya2ke1 牙科
clinic zhen3suo3 诊所
daughter in law er2xi2fu 儿媳妇
state run guo2ying2 国营
invest jointly he2zi1 合资
tone, the way one speaks, manner of expression kou3qi4 口气
no wonder nan2guai4 难怪
news, information xiao1xi 消息
(spoken or written) language yu3wen2 语文
mathematics shu4xue2 数学
to praise, to commend biao3yang2 表扬
to encourage, award, reward jiang3li4 奖励
to be in charge of guan3
strict yan2
to improve, to enhance ti2gao1 提高
to get de2dao4 得到
to become a talented person cheng2cai2 成才
after school ke4wai4 课外
to move, activity, movable, to take exercise huo2dong4 活动
physics wu4li3 物理
dream meng4xiang3 梦想
scientist ke1xue2jia1 科学家
to do, to be engaged in yan2jiu1 研究
to invent, invention fa1ming2 发明
to create chuang4zao4 创造
to realize, to come true shi2xian4 实现
from now on cong2...qi3 从...起
to master, to know well zhang3wo4 掌握
idea, suggestion yi4jian4 意见
to take care zhao4gu4 照顾
party A jia3fang1 甲方
party B yi3fang1 乙方
to smile, smile wei1xiao4 微笑
lovely, sweet ke3'ai4 可爱
sad shang1xin1 伤心
to be born chu1sheng1 出生
relative, kin qin1qi 亲戚
husband zhang4fu 丈夫
skin pi2fu1 皮肤
to roll, to curl juan3
husband and wife fu1qi1 夫妻
eye lid yan3pi2 眼皮
bright, brightness ming2liang4 明亮
definite ken3ding4 肯定
nurse hu4shi 护士
classifier: pair, couple dui4
address di4zhi3 地址
excited ji1dong4 激动
snow white xue3bai2 雪白
to exchange jiao1huan4 交换
toy wan2ju4 玩具
to enjoy xiang3shou4 享受
always, (have) never (used in neg. sentences) cong2lai2(bu4) 从来(不)
relaxed qing1song1 轻松
positive, vigorous ji1ji2 积极
optimistic le4guan1 乐观
aspiration, the ideal, ideal (adj) li3xiang3 理想
introverted nei4xiang4 内向
situation zhuang4kuang4 状况
refugee nan4min2 难民
firm, strong jian1qiang2 坚强
high-grade, high-quality gao1ji2 高级
impression yin4xiang4 印象
recognize, acknowledge cheng2ren4 承认
calm, deserted leng3jing4 冷静
to struggle dou4zheng1 斗争
to give up fang4qi4 放弃
conscientious, earnest, serious ren4zhen1 认真
weak ruo4
strong, powerful qiang2
concept, views guan1nian4 观念
alarm clock nao4zhong1 闹钟
to shift to an earlier date ti2qian2 提前
on time, before deadline an4shi2 按时
on time, punctual zhun3shi2 准时
to evaluate, to assess ping2jia4 评价
to evaluate, assessment, evaluation ping2gu1 评估
to elect as, to choose as ping2wei2 评为
to use as an excuse jie4kou3 借口
unimpeded, free flowing (traffic) chang4tong1 (yi1lu4chang4tong1) 畅通 (一路畅通)
to lead, lead, leadership, leader ling3dao3 领导
to negotiate, negotiation(s) tan2pan4 谈判
significant ups and downs (idiom) da4qi3da4luo4 大起大落
DINK (double income no kids) ding1ke4 丁克
noble gui4zu2 贵族
much less, let alone, not considering he2kuang4 何况
(used to reinforce rhetorical question) nan2dao4 难道
on the contrary fan3'er2 反而
task ren4wu 任务
import jin4kou3 进口
(sales)counter, bar, front desk gui4tai2 柜台
to dislike, to mind, to complain xian2
soy sauce jiang4you2 酱油
pass by (a place) lu4guo4 路过
on the way shun4lu4 顺路
to be convinced (that it is true), to believe xiang1xin4 相信
nature, character xing4ge2 性格
external, outward appearance wai4biao3 外表
to copy miao2
look up upon, to fall for kan4shang4 看上
capability, capable, able, ability neng2li4 能力
first love chu1lian4 初恋
born under an unlucky star bo2ming4 薄命
to look (pretty, the same, etc.) zhang3de 长得
all things wan4shi4 万事
beginning kai1tou2 开头
to choose, to pick, to select xuan3
square meter ping2mi3 (ping2fang1mi3) 平米 (平方米)
to equal deng3yu2 等于
prince charming bai2ma3wang2zi3 白马王子
fate ming4
a dream, an ideal, perfect, perfection, desirable li3xiang3 理想
disgusting, troublesome, naste tao3yan4 讨厌
at dawn, at first light yi1da4zao3 一大早
to recharge (money) (card) chong1zhi2(ka3) 充值(卡)
signal (cell phone) xin4hao4 信号
to call, to dial bo1da3 拨打
to take the initiative, spontaneous zhu3dong4 主动
to receive shou1dao4 收到
hastily ji2mang2 急忙
hurriedly ji2ji2mang2mang2 急急忙忙
not to know whether to laugh or to cry, in a desperate state ku1xiao4bu4de2 哭笑不得
loose, to loosen, relax song1
(in) one breath yi1kou3qi4 一口气
face lian3
to paint, to brush shua1
to brush teeth shua1ya2 刷牙
to survive, to keep on living huo2xia4qu4 活下去
end, finish zhong1
at last, in the end zhong1yu2 终于
to bear, to endure, to tolerate, to restraine oneself ren3
to drop a bad habit gai3diao4 改掉
percent bai3fen1zhi1 百分之
to fail, to foul up za2
simply, almost jian3zhi2 简直
nurse, nanny bao3mu3 保姆
name brand ming2pai2 名牌
to investigate diao4cha2 调查
majority da4duo1shu4 大多数
resident ju1min2 居民
role jie2se4 角色
character pin3zhi4 品质
Chinese (as a subject) yu3wen2 语文
composition zuo4wen2 作文
postpone tui1chi2 推迟
record (CD) chang4pian4 唱片
common gong4tong2 共同
skillful, dexterous qiao3
to repair, to fix xiu1
quite, fairly xiang1dang1 相当
to discard, to throw away reng1
after zhi1hou4 之后
to be broken (into pieces) sui4
amateur ye4yu2 业余
classic gu3dian3 古典
excited xing1fen4 兴奋
brain nao3zi 脑子
symphony jiao1xiang3yue4 交响乐
to stare ding1
at all, simply gen1ben3 根本
careful, cautious xiao3xin1 小心
kitchen chu2fang2 厨房
to boil, to cook zhu3
before zhi1qian2 之前
between, among zhi1jian1 之间
box, case he2zi 盒子
the same, equally, alike yi4mu2yi2yang4 一模一样
to clone ke4long2 克隆
to burn shao1
shape xing2zhuang4 形状
position, standpoint li4chang 立场
manner, attitude, bearing tai4du 态度
to approve of, to endore, (to vote) in favor zan4tong2 赞同
to criticize, criticism pi1ping2 批评
degree (level or extend) cheng2du4 程度
procedures, sequence, order, computer program cheng2xu4 程序
another day, some other time, to find another day gai3tian1 改天
to foresee, to anticipate liao4dao4 料到
to resign ci2zhi2 辞职
to enjoin, to implore, to urge zhu3
to tell, to exhort, injunction zhu3fu4 嘱咐
to complain, to blame, to grumble man2yuan4 埋怨
to earn, to make money zheng4
to feel, to become aware of, feeling, perception, sense gan3jue2 感觉
shirt chen4yi1 衬衣
atmosphere, mood qi4fen1 气氛
universal love bo2ai4 博爱
freedom, free, liberty zi4you2 自由
equal, equality ping2deng3 平等
humanities, human affairs ren2wen2 人文
to be jealous, to envy, to hate ji4du2 嫉妒
watch (shou3)biao3 (手)表
to copy, photocopy fu4yin4 复印
speed su4du4 速度
reason li3you2 理由
to have a date yue1hui4 约会
to forgive, to pardon yuan2liang4 原谅
would like, to be willing yuan4yi4 愿意
weight on one's mind, worry xin1shi4 心事
culture, civilization, cultural wen2hua4 文化
to choose xuan3ze2 选择
border, national boundary guo2jie4 国界
to love each other xiang1'ai4 相爱
full marks man3fen1 满分
to show biao3shi4 表示
to get shou4
to educate, education jiao4yu4 教育
to split the bill, to go Dutch ei1ei1zhi4 AA制
snack, pastry (at home w/o water) dian3xin1 点心
step bu4
to live huo2
sunglasses mo4jing4 墨镜
to repair xiu1li3 修理
toward evening, at dusk bang4wan3 傍晚
colorful hong2hong2lv4lv4 红红绿绿
scared, fearful ke3pa4 可怕
to admire, to envy xian4mu4 羡慕
(used before a negative to emphasis) bing4bu4 并不
nursing home yang3lao3yuan4 养老院
to be moved, to move sb, to touch sb emotionally, moving gan3dong4 感动
a lot hao3duo1 好多
the aged lao3xian1sheng 老先生
to oppose, to be against fan3dui4 反对
to commit suicide zi4sha1 自杀
to discuss tao3lun4 讨论
uncle bo2bo 伯伯
to be remarried zai4hun1 再婚
nothing left, all gone (diao4)guang1 (掉)光
to leave behind, to remain remaining, to be left, to have a remainder sheng4(xia4) 剩(下)
poor, exhausted qiong2
to have an interview mian4shi4 面试
to feel sad nan2guo4 难过
love ai4qing2 爱情
to take a make-up course bu3xi2 补习
Mrs., madame fu1ren2 夫人
to adopt shou1yang3 收养
true, real zhen1shi2 真实
technology, technique, skill ji4shu4 技术
technician ji4shu4yuan2 技术员
how, what, what way ru2he2 如何
to calculate, to count, to compute ji4suan4 计算
really, indeed, actually shi2zai4 实在
(complementary) gift zeng4pin3 赠品
trade mark, logo shang1biao1 商标
itself, in itself, per se ben3shen1 本身
to hang, to suspend (from a hook), to hang up (telephone) gua4
must not, may not, cannot, not be allowed bu4de2 不得
have no choice, cannot but, can't help it bu4de2bu4 不得不
unable, incapable wu2fa3 无法
counter part, opposite side dui4fang1 对方
to drive, to propel (wheel), drive mechanism, hardware driver qu1dong4 驱动
CD or DVD drive guang1pan2qu1dong4qi4 光盘驱动器
bracket tuo1jia4 托架
CD drive tray guang1pan2tuo1jia4 光盘托架
to install, to fix zhuang1
to consider as, take to be dang4cheng2 当成
nest, lair, den, pit or hollow in human body, to harbor, to shelter wo1
to confer, to grant, to seal, classifier: sealed objects (letter) feng1
to move, movement, migration, portable, mobile yi2dong4 移动
to splash, to spill, rough and coarse po1
mouse shu3biao1 鼠标
(computer) monitor, screen ping2mu4 屏幕
to hit, to press, to strike (on keyboard) dian3ji1 点击
yolk dan4huang2 蛋黄
suddenly, all of a sudden hu1ran2 忽然
circle, round, spherical, full (moon) yuan2
to cut, to slice qie1
blessings, to wish sb well zhu4fu2 祝福
to spread liu2xing2 流行
to push out, to release, to launch tui1chu1 推出
to make, to manufacture zhi4zuo4 制作
delicate, fine, refinement jing1mei3 精美
by means of, via, through tong1guo4 通过
friends and family qin1peng2hao3you3 亲朋好友
to voice (an opinion), to express, to convey biao3da2 表达
to lift, to raise, high, high sprits ang2
expensive, costly ang2gui4 昂贵
compared to xiang1bi3 相比
thus, as a result, consequently yin1ci3 因此
can get by, tolerably well guo4de2 过得
to bear and raise children sheng1er2yu4nv3 生儿育女
(informal) wife lao3po2 老婆
to discuss passion and talk of love (idiom) tan2qing2shuo1ai4 谈情说爱
raincoat yu3yi1 雨衣
in case wan4yi1 万一
care about, bother about guan3
tea house cha2guan3 茶馆
to capsize fan1
cruel, ruthless can2ren3 残忍
cunning jiao3hua2 狡猾
avoid bi4mian3 避免
direct zheng4mian4 正面
heart beat xin1tiao4 心跳
the maximum, the limit ji4xian4 极限
evident, obvious ming2xian3 明显
violent, drastic ju4lie4 剧烈
once yi2dan4 一旦
anyway fan3zheng 反正
beautiful mei3li4 美丽
to have deep love for re4'ai4 热爱
as early/little as bian4 便
tape recorder lu4yin1ji1 录音机
fine, elegant, graceful you1mei3 优美
to be pleasantly surprised jing1xi3 惊喜
at once, immediately, promptly lian2mang2 连忙
encourage gu3li4 鼓励
bold, daring, fearless da4dan3 大胆
noisy chao3
to know, to understand dong3de 懂得
noise zao4yin1 噪音
feel free to, not hesitate to, without reserve jin3guan3 尽管
actually, in fact, really qi2shi2 其实
to find, to discover fa1xian4 发现
need not beng2
greedy chan2
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