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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 31

SPECTO/SPECTATUM to look at, see (L)
VOX/VOCIS voice (L)
FIDES faith, trust (L)
SOLUS alone, only (L)
MONOS alone, solitary (G)
RIDEO/RISUM laugh, make fun of (L)
inspect to look carefully at or over; to view or examine formally
spectator person who looks on or watches; observer
perspective picturing depth and spatial relationships on a flat surface; a mental?
vowel a voiced sound made by air passing through the throat
vocal uttered, produced, or performed by the voice
vocation a calling; a career to which one feels summoned
vocabulary the range of words used by a particular person or group
eloquent marked by forceful and fluent expression
colloquial conversational; informal speech
ventriloquism speaking so that the voice seems to come from somewhere else
felicity the quality or state of being happy
felicitations happy greetings
fidelity strict observance of promises; loyalty; accuracy of sound or image recording
confide to trust to the charge or knowledge of another
confidence belief that someone is trustworthy or reliable
fiance' (M) or fiance'e (F) [F] someone who has pledged faith to another; engaged to be married
solo an act performed by one person; to pilot an airplane by oneself
soloist a person who performs a solo
solitary without companions
soliloquy the act of talking to oneself; a dramatic monologue that voices inner emotions
monarch a solitary or absolute ruler; a king or queen
monogram the initials of a person printed on stationery or embroidered clothing or towels
monopoly exclusive possession or control of a product or natural resource by a person or company
monotone of unvaried vocal or musical tone; tedious sameness; of uniform color
ridiculous laughable
ridicule speech or action intended to make fun of someone
Created by: LiseBrinkley
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