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Doctrine of capture grants ownership of fluid minerals to the party who extracts them
Easement irrevocable right to the limited use of another's land
Restrictive convenant promise as a part of a contract or deed limiting the owner's use of the realty
Zoning ordinance law adopted by a city or county to regulate the location of residential, business, and industrial districts
Spot zoning treatment of a single property in a manner inconsistent with the treatment of similar properties in the area
Variance granted by a city or county to allow a landowner to make some use of his or her land that is inconsistent with the general zoning ordinance
Trespass to be on the land of another without right or permission of the owne
Estate bundle of ownership rights in, and powers over, realty; also, property of the deceased
Conveyance transfer of an estate from a grantor to a grantee by a deed
Fee simple absolute greatest possible bundle of rights and interests in realty
Deed legal document used to transfer ownership of real property
Adverse possession method of acquiring title to another's land by continuously occupying it in an adverse, open, and notorious fashion for a prescribed period of years
Eminent domain power of the government to take private property for public use in exchange for the fair market price
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