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IC Chinese

Lesson3 dialogue1 all vocabulary with answers

yuè; month;moon
hào; day of the month
星期 xīngqīi; week
tiān; day;sky
rì;day; sun
今天 jīntiān; today
sì; four
wǔ; five
liù; six
qī; seven
bā; eight
jiǔ; nine
shí; ten
bǎi; hundred
礼拜 lǐbài; week
zhōu; week
mò; end
周末 zhōumò; weekend
星期四 xīngqīisì; Thursday
星期五 xīngqīiwǔ; Friday
星期六 xīngqīiliù; Saturday
星期日(星期天) xīngqīirì(xīngqītiān); Sunday
礼拜六 lǐbàiliù; Saturday
周日 zhōurì; Sunday
nián; year
一月 yīyuè; Jannuary
二月 èryuè; February
三月 sānyuè; March
四月 sìyuè; April
五月 wǔyuè; May
六月 liùyuè; June
七月 qīyuè; July
八月 bāyuè; August
九月 jiǔyuè; September
十月 shíyuè; October
十一月 shīyīyuè; November
十二月 shīèryuè; December
今天是星期几? jīn tiān shì xīng qī jǐ ?; what day is today?
今天是星期五。 jīn tiān shì xīng qī wǔ . Today is Friday.
生日 shēngrì; birthday
今年 jīnniān; this year
duō; how many;much; many
dà; big;old
suì; year ( of age)
chī; to eat
fàn; meal; (cooked) rice
怎么样 zěnmeyàng; Is it OK?; How is that?
太…了 tài…le; too; extremely
谢谢 xièxiè; to thank
喜欢 xǐhuān; to like
cài ; dishes; cuisine
还是 háishì; or
可是 kěshì; but
我们 wǒmén; we; us
diǎn; o’clock; dot; point
bàn; half; half an hour
晚上 wǎnshàng; evening; night
jiàn; to see
再见 zàijiàn; goodbye
zài ; again
英国 yīngguó; Britain; England
Created by: Yanlidavid
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