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Fire Unit

Fire Unit (Forensics)

What is created by the combination of fuel, heat, oxygen and combustion? Fire
What is a chemical transformation in which heat energy is liberated? Exothermic Reaction
What is the transfer of heat from a heated surface to a cooler surface by electromagnetic radiation? Radiation
Any material used to start or sustain a fire Accelerant
What is an offender's pattern of operation? Modis Operandi
The entire range of possible gas or vapor fuel concentrations in air that are capable of burning Flammable Range
Setting a fire on purpose Arson
What is a compound consisting of only hydrogen and carbon? Hydro Rabon
The ability or potential of a heat system or material to do work Energy
A fire caused by a natural heat-producing process in the presence of sufficient air and fuel Spontaneous Combustion
Place where a fire starts Point of Origin
The minimum temperature at which a liquid fuel produces enough vapor to burn Flash Point
What is the heat liberated during combustion? Heat of Combustion
What is the decomposition of solid organic matter by heat? Pyrolysis
The minimum temperature at which a fuel spontaneously ignites Ignition Temperature
The rapid combination of oxygen with another substance accompanied by production of noticeable heat and light Combustion
The combustion on the surface of a solid fuel in the absence of heat high enough to pyrolyze the fuel Glowing Combustion
What is the transfer of heat by movement of molecules in a liquid or gas? Convection
The chemical transformation in which heat energy is absorbed from the surroundings Endothermic Reaction
The combination of oxygen with other substances to produce new substances Oxidation
The movement of heat through a solid object Conduction
What are burn patterns or other damage that helps determine the point of origin? Char Patterns
Fire burns in what direction? Upward
What pattern is left by fire? V-Shaped
What occurs when furniture shields part of a wall and can help determine the origin? Heat Shadows
When all combustible fuels spontaneously ignite Flashover
What are the common motives for arson? Crime concealment, Revenge or spite, Monetary Gain, Malicious Vandalism, Mentally Disturbed
Created by: CHSRThompson