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Etiologic Agents

Different Etiologic Agents and their shape

Salmonella typhi Gram Negative Rod
E. Coli Gram Negative Rod
Kleisbella pneumoniae Gram Negative Rod
Proteus spp. Gram Negative Rod
Haemophilus spp Gram Negative Rod
Shigella Gram Negative Rod
Yersinia enterocolitica Gram Negative Rod
Neisseria Gram Negative Cocci
Veillonella Gram Negative Cocci
Vibrio Cholerae Gram Negative Curved Rod
Campylobacter jejuni Gram Negative Curved Rod
Heliobacter Pylori Gram Negative Curved Rod
Treponema Pallidum (syphillus) Gram Negative Spirochetes
Chlamydia trachomatis Procaryotic, gram negative, obligate intracelluar bacteria.
Bacillus Gram Positive Rod
Bifidobacterium Gram Positive Rod
Clostridium Gram Positive Rod
Lactobacillus Gram Positive Rod
Listeria Gram Positive Rod
Gardnerella Vaginalis Gram Positive but stain variable Rod/pleomorphic
Mobiluncus Gram Positive but stain variable Curved Rod
Staphylococci Gram Positive Cocci
Streptococci Gram Positive Cocci
Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Wall-less pleomorphic bacteria
Candida Albicans Fungi, eucaryotic
Cryptococcus Neofromans Fungi, Eucaryotic
Cyclospora cayetanensis Protozoan, eucaryotic
Cryptosporidium parvum Protozoan, eucaryotic
Entmoeba Histolytica Protozoan, eucaryotic
Giardia lamblia Protozoan, eucaryotic
Isospora belli Protozoan, eucaryotic
Enterocytozoan bieneusi Protozoan, eucaryotic
Trichomonas Vaginalis Protozoan, eucaryotic
Toxoplasma gondii Protozoan, eucaryotic
Diphllobothium latum Helminth, Cestode (tape)
Echinococcus Helminth, Cestode (tape)
Taenia solium Helminth, Cestode (tape)
Ascaris lumbricoides Helminth, Nematode (round)
Baylisascaris procyonis Helminth, Nematode (round)
Toxocaria cannis Helminth, Nematode (round)
Enterobius Vermicularis Helminth, Nematode (round)
Trichurius Trichiura Helminth, Nematode (round)
Created by: amarche1