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VNSG 1304 Exam 4

Ethics and Values in Nursing Practice

What is accountability the ability and willingness to assume responsibility for one's actions and to accept the consequences of one's behavior
What is active euthanasia actions that directly bring about the client's death with or without consent
What is Advance Health Care Directive a variety of legal and lay documents that allow persons to specify aspects of care they wish to receive should they become unable to make or communicate their preferences
What is an advocate individual who pleads the cause of another or argues or pleads for a cause or proposal
What is assisted suicide a form of active euthanasia in which clients are given the means to kill themselves
What is an attitude mental stance that is composed of many different beliefs; usually involving a positive or negative judgment toward a person, object, or idea
Beneficence the moral obligation to do good or to implement actions that benefit clients and their support persons
What is code of ethics formal s/ment of a group's ideals&values;a set of ethical principles shared by members of a group,reflecting their moral judgments&serving as a standard for professional actions
What is Consequence based (teleological) theories the ethics of judging whether an action is moral
What are ethics the rules or principles that govern right or wrong conduct. Ethics is concerned with meaning of words such as right,wrong,good,bad,ought,&duty
What is fidelity a moral principle that obligates the individual to be faithful to agreements and responsibilities one has undertaken
Moral development process of learning to tell the difference between right and wrong and of learning what ought and ought not to be done
What is morality a doctrine or system denoting what is right and wrong in conduct, character, or attitude
Non maleficence The duty to do no harm
What are nursing ethics ethical issues that occur in nursing practice
What is passive euthanasia allowing a person to die by withholding or withdrawing measures to maintain life
What are personal values values internalized from the society or culture in which one lives
What are principal based deontological theories emphasize individual rights, duties, and obligations
What are professional values values acquired during socialization into nursing from codes of ethics, nursing experiences, teachers, and peers
What are responsibilities specific accountability or liability associated with the performance of duties of a particular role
What is utilataranilasm a specific, consequence-based, ethical theory that judges as right the action that does the most good and least amount of harm for the greatest number of persons; often used in making decisions about the funding and delivery of health care
What is the value system the organization of a person's values along a continuum of relative importance
What is veracity a moral principle that holds that one should tell the truth and not lie
What is value system the organization of a person's values along a continuum of relative importance
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