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What pain relief method counteracts, fight or flight, response and reduces pain perception in the central nervous system relaxation and distraction
Relief of chroinc pain and pain during surgery is known as anesthetics
What kind of pain relief is simple but effective alone or in combination with medications heat or cold
What pain relief method acts on the central nervous system to alter perception and response to pain narcotics
Waht pain relief method is released naturally from the brain in response to massage, acupressure, and electical stimulation endorphins
What pain relief method acts locally to reduce inflammation and treat mild to moderate pain non-narcotic analgesics
What is another term for the sense of taste gustation
What is another term for taste receptors taste buds
The touch receptors that are found in the dermis of the skin and around hair follicles is known as tactile corpuscles
The temperature receptor are free nerve endings
The widespread receptors of position are known as proprioceptors
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