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HS 2

Has one capital letter at beggining, less expensive Generic Name
All capital letters,name brand, pharmaceutical company name, copy righted Trade Name
What does PO mean? Per oral, oral route of administration
Subcutaneous, Intravenous, Intradermal, intramuscular are all what? Types of injections
What types of drug effects are there? Therapeutic effects, Side effects, Adverse effects, Toxic effects
Used for basic info on all types and different medications PDR- Physicians Desk Reference
Used to look up medical terms and appendices Medical Dictionary
Manufacturers index, Brand and Generic Name index,Product/ Category and Classification, Product Identification guide, Product Info, Diagnostic Product Info 6 main parts of PDR
Medical Terms and Definitions, Medical Abbreviations and Symbols, Normal Lab Values, Latin and Greek Nomenclature, Phobias, Interpreter in 3 Languages Main Parts of Medical Dictionary
Name and title, office address, prescribers phone number, patients name and address are all parts of what? A prescription
Healthy volunteers, drug given to experiment, given to ill patients phases of drug testing
What factor determine route of administration? pt's age, pt's condition, dosage form drug is available in
most convenient and commonly used route of administration oral
any route other than oral parenteral
Sublingual, Rectal, Vaginal, Topical, Transdermal, Inhalation are all what? Routes of administration
Intended effect or primary purpose of administrating a drug Therapeutic effects
Can be harmful, but may not be, secondary effects Side effects
Can be extremely dangerous effects of a drug toxic effects
Taking more than dosage advised, either accidentally or purposeful Overdose
overdose, age, disease, drug interactions, and allergies are? causes for adverse and toxic effects of drugs
What msut be done if allergies are experienced? Drug must be stopped or discontinued
How do you prevent adverse or toxic effects? Educate yourself about the drug
What are two safety tips when referring to drugs? Use chld resistant containers or caps, take medication as prescribed
Created by: kbenitez94