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People who obtain their water from wells for water are using groundwater
Trees grown on tree farms are an example of a renewable resource
A resource that cannot be replaced after is is used up is called a ___ nonrenewable resource
In the United States, about half of the _____ comes from the cars people drive air pollution
Because the smoke from a forest fire is an unwanted substance that is added to the air, it is called pollution
A fuel formed over millions of years from the remains of living organisms is called a fossil fuel
a molecule of oxygen with three atoms of oxygen is called ozone
Rain containing acids formed from air pollutants is called acid rain
A colorless, odorless pollutant called ______ is poisonous ti breathe Carbon Monoxide
Why is coal classified as a nonrenewable resource Because when you burn the coal you cannot get it back.
How can water polluted with fertilizer harm a lake Because the fertilizer can kill the fish
Why is rich soil valuable? Because it can make plants grow more
Why is air pollution worse than it was 500 years ago Because there are more cars so there is more air pollution.
Created by: mcnaughton