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Trauma Patients

terminology and definitions- putting it all together for the trauma patient

Optimum limit of time between the moment of injury and surgery at the hospital. golden hour
Quick assessment of the head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, extremities, and posterior of the body to detect signs and symptoms of injury. rapid trauma assessment
Cooperation of crew members, each knowing their role, and working together to manage the serious patient. teamwork
Patient with more than one serious injury. multiple trauma patient
Action or forces that may have caused or contributed to the injury. mechanism of injury
Swelling caused by collection of blood under the skin or in damaged tissues as a result of an injured/broken blood vessel. hematoma
Inability of the body to adequately circulate blood to the body's cells to supply them with oxygen and nutrients. hypoperfusion
A procedure designed to move a patient in a hurry when the situation of safety warrants it. emergency move
Term used to describe a patient with a fractured right leg and a crushed pelvis. multiple trauma
What is the priority with a patient with an obvious angulated forearm who is unreponsive? the airway
At what point is the multiple trauma patient likely stabilized? in the surgical suite
Three "Ts" in the management of a multiple trauma patient: timing, transport, teamwork
Reasonable goal for scene time when dealing with a critical trauma patient. 10 minutes
The trauma patient is making gurgling sounds when breathing. What does the EMT do? suction the airway
This piece of equipment can act as a full-body splint when a critical patient must be immobilized quickly. long backboard
If you are minimizing the scene care of a multiple trauma patient- you would perform: suction the airway, ventilate with a BVM, immobilize the cervical spine
If you are trying to cut scene time for a multiple trauma patient, never cut out scene safety
These treatments may be used on the scene of a critical trauma patient: suction airway, insert oral/nasal airway, seal sucking chest wound, ventilate with bag valve mask, high concentration oxygen, control bleeding, immobilize patient with cervical collar and long backboard, inflate pneumatic antishock garment
Created by: UBEMT
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