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Words and Phrases

Uphill Battle あくてんそ する Akutenso Suru
Heart to heart mind to mind いしんでんしん ishindenshin
There is a vending machine in front of the convenience store Konbini no mae ni jido hanbaiki ga arimasu .こんびに の まえ に じど はんばいき が あります
People Cry, Birds sing, cats purr なく , なきます Naku, Nakimasu
Touching, Moving かんだおうてき, かんどおう, Kandouteki, Kandou
Can you tell me where the library is? としょtうかん を おしえて くださいい Toshokan 0 oshiete kudasai.
Looking forward まちどし machidoshi
men's clothing and women's clothing しんしふく, Shinshifuku ふじゅんふくfujinfuku
All you can eat たべーほうだい tabe-houdai
Doctor and nurse いっしゃ と かんごく issha to kangoku
Person's origin (place of birth) しゅっしん shusshin
I'm sorry, it's inexcusable もうしわけ ありません moushiwake arimasen
Loss of memory, amnesia きおく そうしつ Kioku-soushitsu
Sorry to keep you waiting おまたせ しました Omatase shimashita
good at tokui na
cheerful akarui
art bijutsu
Thank you for taking trouble to do that. Waza waza arigatō gozaimasu.
What are you gonna do then? Sōsō. Ja, dō suru no?
Pharmacy Yakkyoku
I'm starving Onaka ga peko peko desu.=
Japanese anime is very popular Nihon no anime wa ninki ga aru
Time day 昨日 kinō 今日 kyō 明日 ashita week 先週 senshū 今週 konshū 来週 raishū month 先月 sengetsu 今月 kongetsu 来月 raigetsu year 去年 kyonen 今年kotoshi 来年 rainen
That is a secret Sore wa naisho desu.
Your recommendation please osusume wo onegaishimasu
Ryōkai is a word that means "comprehension" or "consent." It is often used as an exclamation in the following ways: by itself (ryōkai!), with the copula desu (ryōkai desu!), and with the past tense verb shimashita (ryōkai shimashita!). These are all use ryōkai desu (了解です)
This phrase means "speaking of which" or "now that you mention it, and you use it when you are reminded of something and want to talk about it. For example, let's say your friend is talking about party A that took place last week, and that reminds you o sō ieba (そういえば)
Toriaezu (とりあえず) is a handy phrase that means, "in the meantime" or "for now." You can use it to talk about some kind of action you take or decision you make "in the meantime" because for now, you feel like it's better than doing nothing. For example, i toriaezu (とりあえず)
Tekitō (適当) is an adjective that literally means "suitable" or "relevant." When the particle ni (に) is added, however, it becomes an adverb. When used as an adverb to describe an action, the original meaning was that the action was done properly, but re tekitō ni (適当に)
The phrase tashika ni (確かに) is often used as aizuchi, a type of word that was introduced in All About Japanese No.13. Aizuchi are interjections that we say in response to someone who is speaking. When you use tashika ni after something that someone has tashika ni (確かに)
Thank you for telling me Oshiete kurete arigatō.
Suffix for room number goushitsu
Hobby shumi
Autumn is my favorite season Aki wa watashi no suki na kisetsu desu
Travelers check Toraberāzu chekku
Gift Card Shōhin-ken
First of all mazu
What is today's plan? Kyō no yotei wa?
Free time jiyū jikan
I caught hayfever Kafun means "pollen," and -shō is a suffix meaning "illness." Kafunshō ni kakatta.
Get on Get off noru oriru
Please introduce yourself Jikoshōkai o onegai shimasu.
Reading (as a hobby) Dokusho
Do you feel nauseous? Hakike ga arimasu ka.
thirty-nine point five sanjūkyū-ten-go ( 39.5 )
Important Taisetsu na
I got nervous and froze up Kinchō shite katamatte shimatta
I'm not sure whether we can go, but let's make a reservation for the time being Ikeru ka wakaranai kedo, toriaezu, yoyaku dake shite okou
I'm nervous Kinchō shimasu ne.
I'm sorry I'm late Okurete sumimasen
It's my treat Ogorimasu yo
Separate. separately betsubetsu
Split, "dutch" warikan
Hole the onion Onion nuki de kudasa
What do you recommend? O-susume wa nan desu ka
Will that be for here or to go? Tennai de o-meshiagari desu ka, o-mochikaeri desu ka? (Drop honorific for response)
often yoku
I told a lie Uso o tsuite
This is a token of my appreciation. Kore wa o-rei desu
Thank you for everything. Iroiro o-sewa ni narimashita.
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