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Pharm 28 Reproductiv

LECOM Pharm Ch 28 Reproductive

GnRH receptor agonist used to stimulate ovulation and test for hypogonadism Gonadarelin
GnRH receptor antagonist (2) cetrorelix, ganirelix
GnRH receptor agonists used in Breast/prostate CA, endometriosis etc (4) Goserelin, Histrelin, Leuprolide, Nafarelin
GnRH agonist that can cause pituitary apoplexy leuprolide
2 GnRH agonists that can cause DVT goserelin, leuprolide
2 GnRH antagonists that are used to induce ovulation ganirelix and Cetrorelix
GnRH antagonist that can cause spontaneous abortions ganirelix
GnRH antagonist that can cause anaphylaxis cetrorelix
How to inhibit LH and FSH release constant GnRH agonist
How to stimulate LH and FSH release intermittent GnRH agonists
Used for BPH and androgenic alopecia finasteride
MOA of finasteride inhibits type II 5α-reductase
2 irreversable aromatase inhibitors Formestane and exemestane
2Reversable aromatase inhibitors anastrozole and letrozole
4 serious SE of aromatase inhibitors osteoporotic Fx, hypercholesterolemia, profuse vaginal bleeding, thrombophlebitis
Drug used for infertility secondary to ovulatory disorder clompiphene
Estrogen receptor antagonist in the breast with partial agonist in endometrium and bone tamoxifen
MOA of clomiphene estrogen receptor antagonist in hypothalamus, anterior pituitary, partial in ovaries
Estrogen receptor agonist in bone and antagonist in uterus and breast
SERM that can cause CVA tamoxifen
Used in post menopausal women w/ non-responsive anti-estrogen Tx breast cancer fulvestrant
Estrogen receptor antagonist with no agonist activity fulvestrant
MOA of Flutamide competitive inhibitor of androgen receptor
Used with metastatic prostate cancer or BPH, best with castration Flutamide
MOA of spironolactone aldosterone and androgen receptor antagonist
MOA of Mifepristone progesterone antagonist
Used for abortion mifepristone/RU-486
2 progestins with highest androgenic effects norgestril and levonorgestril
Synthetic progestin with anti-androgenic action drosperinone
Used in the “morning after” pill levonorgestrel
What drug is used with a silastic implant good for 3 years of birth control etonogestrel
Can be given parenterally ever 3 months for birth control Medroxyprogesterone acetate
Used as progestin-only contraceptive (2) orally available Norgestrel, norethindrone
Created by: csheck