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Pharm 32 Abx DNA

LECOM Pharm 32 Abx DNA translation transcription

Mnemonic for 50s vs 30s inhibitors and what they stand for CLEan TAG: Clinda/Chloramphenicol, Linezolid, Erythro, Tetra/Tigecycline, AG= aminoglycosides
Ending and MOA of quinolones -floxacin; Topoisomerase II inhibitors
What do you used quinolones to treat gram negatives
6 SE of Quinalones cartilage/tendon rupture, peripheral neuropathy, increased ICP, seizure, sever hypersensitivity reactions
MOA of rifampin and rifabutiin bind bacterial DNA dependant RNA polymerase
Used for meningitis prophylaxis rifampin
2 SE of rifampin.rifabutin thrombocytopenia and hepatotoxicity
Group of Abx that is bactericidal causing mRNA misreads Aminoglycosides
Use AG to treat? serious gram negative bugs
4 serious SE of aminoglycosides ototoxicity, acute renal failure, NM blockade, repiratory paralysis
Spectinomycin: MOA and use inhibits translocation, Alternative gonorrhea therapy
You can’t use these 2 drugs with active Neisseria infections rifampin and rifabutin
Abx used in malaria prophylaxis doxycycline
Abx class that is actively transported into bacterial cells tetracyclines
The only tetracycline that can be used in renal patients doxycycline
Use tetracyclines to treat these 7 bugs C. acnes, H flu, vibrio cholera, spirochetes, mycoplasma pneumonia, and rickerrsial species
Class that causes bulging fontanelle, discoloration and stunting of bone growth, hepatotoxicity, and pseudotumor cerebri tetracyclines
Use tigecycline for skin infections and complicated abdominal infx
4 Keto-Macro-lides Azithromycin, Clarithromyciin, Erythromycin, Telithromycin
Clarithromycin has increased activity against H. flu
Azithromycin has increased activity against H.flu and Moraxella cattarrhalis
Class that can cause ototoxicity, acute cholestatic hepatitis macro/ketolides
SE specific to telithromycin fulminant hepatic necrosis
Macrolides effect digoxin how? increases oral absorption
3 SE of chloramphenicol hemolytic anemia w/ G6PD def., gray baby, aplastic anemia
Clindamycin has good coverage of what anaerobes
3 SE of clindamycin C. diff, increased LFTs and jaundice
Used to treat VRE, and staph and strep daldopristin/quinupristine
daldopristin/quinupristine should not be used with what 2 drugs SSRIs= serotonin syndrome; pimozide=torsades
Use for diabetic foot Infx, VRE, MRSA, S. pneumo, nosocomial pneumonia linezolid
Can cause myelosupression, peripheral neuropathy, and optic neuropathy linezolid
Created by: csheck