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LIST 7 (best list)

by Caroline

WordsPrinciple Parts/GenitivesDefinitions
absum abesse, afui, afuturum to be away, be absent
adsisto adsistere, adstiti to stand by, stand next to
aperio aperire, aperui, apertum to reveal, open
attingo attingere, atigi, atactum to touch
caueo cauere, caui, cautum to be on one's guard (cave+perf. subj= don't…)
consisto consistere, constiti, constitum to stop, come to a standstill
continuo adverb immediately
conuincium conuincii, n. clamor
demoueo demouere, demoui, demotum to move away, avert
ei interjection oh!
facinus facinoris, n. deed, action
gemino geminare, geminavi, gematum to double
haereo haerere, haesi, haesum to cling to, stick to
ignarus, a, um adjective ingorant, inexperienced
ilico adverb on the spot; momentarily
illuc adverb to that place, thither
infortunium infortunii, n. misfortune
iniurius, a, um adjective unjust, injurious
innocens innocentis, adj. harmless
inuo innuere, innui, innutum to nod (as a sign of assent)
inops inopis, adj without means, poor
intro adverb (to) the inside, (to) within
inuitus, a, um adjective unwilling
iusiurandum iusiurandi, n oath
mala malae, f cheek, jaw
nex necis, f death
nunciam adverb now at once, forthwith
obsecro obsecrare, obsecravi, obsecratum to appeal to, beg; please
otiosus, a, um adjective at leisure; (as an adverb) otiose: calm down
persequor persequi, persecutus sum to follow through, prosecute
populares popularium, m. pl. fellow-citizens; countrymen
possideo possidere, possedi, possessum to possess, be in possession of
potis pote, adj able, powerful
pugnus pugni, m. fist
purgo purgare, purgavi, purgatum to clean; excuse
quamquam adverb although
respecto respectare, respectavi, respectatum to keep looking back
scelestus, a, um adjective criminal
soluo soluere, solui, solutum to untie, release, dissolve
strenue adverb briskly, vigorously
subvenio subvenire, subveni, subventum to come to the rescue of (+dat)
tango tangere, tetigi, tactum to touch
vapulo vapulare, vapulavi, vapulatum to be beaten
usquam adverb anywhere; to anywhere
abripio abripere, abripui, abreptum to tear away, carry away
Created by: VeritasLatinIV