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Botany 104

Plant's in Today's World

The FDA must determine a dietary supplement to be safe & effective before it is on the shelf False
What herbal remedy has been used to treat depression? St. John's Wort
The burn plant is known better now by its scientific name... Aloe Vera
Was created by a German scientist, Bayer; Is derived from willow bark; Has been used to prevent heart attacks; AKA: acetylsalicylic acid Asprin
List from Most Caffeinated to least... Coffee Black tea Soda Oolong tea Green tea White tea
What plant is used for an herbal cold remedy Echinacea
This product is made by soaking soybeans and then grinding them with H2O Soy Milk
In addition to soy, what other major ingredient is found in soy sauce Wheat
Sweet potatos are root tubers, what part of the plant is a white potoato The tip of the rhyzome
If no artificial colors are used, what spice could be used to make mustard yellow? Tumeric
Bark of tropical tree Cinnamon
Stigmas of crocus flower Saffron
Unopened flower buds Cloves
What is used as an herb from the leaves of this plant Basil
Fruit from an orchid is used for this spice Vanilla
What type of fungi increases the surface are of roots for better H2O absorption Mycorrhizae
Which meal would not provide a complete protein Oatmeal w/dried fruit
Square Stem Mint
Stamen 4 Long 2 Short Mustard
Umbel shaped inflorescence Parsley
Disk ray flowers Daisy
May contain solamine Potato/Tomato
Is Vitamin C a macronutrient False
What macronutrient do most humans consume most of their calories from Carbohydrates
Corn is an example of a monoecious plant True
A small underformed leaf that forms around a grass plant is called... Bract
Embryo Wheat germ
Fruit of grass plant Grain
Pericarp Bran
Endosperm Corn Starch
Cotyledons Chocolate Nibs
People on a Gluten Free diet can still eat rice True
What parts are removed from a "refined" grain The BRAN (fiber) and the GERM : these components of the fruit contain lipids which can go rancid & decrease shelf life. Refined grains have less micronutrients then whole grains
Enzymes are which type of macromolecule? Protein: specialized enzyme that binds molecules or breaks them apart
Primary cell walls are made up of what organic molecule cellulose
Secondary cell walls are woody this means they are made up of what organic molecule Lingin
When a stoma has turgor (lots of H2O), would it be open or closed Open: when the stoma have lots of H2O in central vacuole, they are open.
Why do plants have stoma For gas exchange
Which is NOT a site of mitosis zone of differentiation: DNA coding tells what type of cell they become in this zone
ATP has more energy than ADP True: b/c phosphate bonds stores the energy in ATP
A dioecious plant can self-fertilize False
Has male and female flowers on different plants and more evolutionary variations Dioecious
Male and female flowers on same plant: less evolutionary variations Monoecious
Where on the plant would you find the most stomata The underside of the leaves: shade helps prevent H2O loss; stoma open and close for gas exchange
What feature of the plant protects the root apical meristem Root cap
Most scientific names for plants are unique in every language False
Fungi, like animals, are heterotrophic True
What is a special feature of Legumes They fix nitrogen: nitrogen fixing bacteria in the rood nodules help to make nitrogen bio available
When 2 plants live in close proximity and have an influence on one another they may be called in what _________... symbiosis: can be mutually beneficial or mutually negative. Or, it could be negative for one organism and positive for the other= parasite
What is a Lichen A mutualistic relationship b/w a fungi and algae
Common fertilizer contains which macronutrients (plants need lots of these) NPK: nitrogen, phosphorus, & potassium
What basic plant part is modified (through evolution) to make petals Leaf: All parts of the flower are modified leaves
Gas exchange is the primary function of this layer of the leaf spongy mesophyll
The process responsible for H2O uptake into roots is active transport False
What is it called when there is more solute than H2O in a solution Hypertonic
What is it called when there is more H2O than solute in a solution Hypotonic
What is it called when there are an equal amounts of solute to H2O Isotonic
What direction does the H2O flow through a membrane Hypotonic----->Hypertonic: the H2O tries to dilute the solution, to equal itself out
Which organell is the power plant of the cell, the site of aerobic respiration Mitochondria
What are the primary features unique to plant cells and not found in animal cells Cell wall Large central vacuole Chloroplasts for photosynthesis
Complete flowers are usually wind pollinated False: petals are away of attracting pollinators
Which flower parts are usually missing from wind pollinated flowers Petals & Sepals---->they can block the wind
Which is positive geotrophic (working w/gravity): Roots or Stems Roots
Most plants are heterotrophic False: Autotrophic
Looks for its own food Heterotrophic
Produces its own food Autotrophic
Plants that complete their life cycle twice a year are called.... Biannual
Plants that complete their life cycle every two years are called.... Biennual
A flower has 6 petals, parallel leaf veins, & a fibrous root system is... A monocot
Tap roots, multiples of 2 or 5 petals, branch veins, and 2 cotelydons A dicot
Where does secondary growth occur in woody dicots Lateral meristem
What is the function of primary growth lengthening
Has flowers Angiosperms
Have seeds but no flowers gymnosperms
Vascular tissue no seeds Ferns
No vascular tissue, no xylem or phlome Mosses
What is the hierarchial system to classify organisms Kingdom Division (phylum, angiosperm) Class (monocot) Order Family Genus Species
Plants that are in the same order are also in the same.... Class
Which type of reproduction process is usually more rapid A sexual reproduction
Which type of macronutrient do we require the least in our daily diet and are made up of long chains of amino acids called polypeptides Protein
Composed of a glycerol backbone of 3 fatty acids chains Triglycerides
What are 2 types of plant protein that we eat Soy and Quinoa
The entire flowering part Inflorescence (cluster of flowers)
Botanically speaking, a grass is... The fruit of a grass plant
The germ is which part of a grain... The embryo
Leaves, stems, or sometimes seeds Herbs
Fruits, flowers, bark, roots, etc... Spices
What is a placenta in a fruit The tissue that connects an ovary to the seed
Taste buds detect... Bitter=Alkaloid Sweet=Carbohydrate Salty=Minerals Sour=
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