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A fun game.

What is a Chemical Change? A change of matter that occurs when atoms link together in a new way,creating a new substance differnt from the original substances
What is Buoyancy? The upward push of a liquid or gas on an object placed in it.
What is a Physical Change? A change of matter in size, shape or state that does not change the specific type of matter.
What is Matter? Anything that has mass and takes up some space.
What is Mass? A measure of the amount of matter in an object.
What is a Cell? The smallest unit of living matter.
What is a Focus? The point where an earthquake starts.
What is a Hot Spot? A stationary location in the Earth's mantle where magma melts through a tectonic plate.
What is a Fault? A deep crack in the Earth's crust.
What is an Element? A pure substance that can't be broken down into any simpler substances through chemical reactions.
What is a Barrier Island? A string of offshore islands that shield the mainland from waves and high wind storms.
What is Chlorophyll? A green chemical in plant cells that allows them to use the sun's energy to make foods.
What is an Earthquake? A sudden shaking in Earth's crust.
What is a Volcano? An Earth's crust which lava may flow.
What is Lava? Hot melted rock that reaches the Earth's surface.
What is Magma? Hot melted rock below the Earth's surface.
What is a Nucleus? The center of an atom that has most of it's mass.
What is a Neutron? A particle is the nucleus of an atom that has no electrical charges.
What is a Proton? A particle in the nucleus of an atom that carries one unit of positive electrical charge.
What is an Electron? A particle in space outside the nucleus of an atom that carries one unit of negative eletric charge.
What is an Epicenter? The point on Earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake.
What is Magnitude? The amount of energy released from a Earthquake.
What is Heredity? The passing down of inherited traits from one generation to the next.
Where is the Ring of Fire? The Ring of Fire is in the Pacific Ocean.
What is an organ? A group of tissues working together to do a certain job.
What is Erosion? The process of pulling away soil or pieces of rock.
What is Evaporation. The slow change of a liquid into a gas below the boiling point.
What is Depostion? The process of dropping off pieces of eroded rock.
What is a Precipitate. A solid formed by the chemical reactions of two solutions.
What are Plate Tectonics? A scientific theory that the Earth's crusr is made from moving plates.
Created by: hfes.718